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19 May 2018

Summer on the nails ☼

Hey bamba beauties,

Oh, yes summer’s here in Europe.

Believe me I am so excited for this summer, the cold days seemed to have no end this year.
We have survived it!
Today I want to show you some of the nail polishes that I am currently wearing. Could you please tell me about your favourite summer nail colour this season?

You may have noticed that we weren’t very active on this blog the last couple of weeks.
We want to apologize for that. I guess real life took over us and more importantly on my side I felt a lack of inspiration. I wasn’t sure which topic I should address next as we already have talked about many topics. But of course elaborating new ideas takes up some time and that is why we couldn’t post two times a week as we used to do. Our new motto will be: Quality not quantity (not only materialistically speaking but as well in regards of our posts).
I want to ask you if you have a certain topic that we could address in our next post!

And exciting news: we plan a relaunch of our blog. That is a complete new design for this website. Please stay tuned for that!

So, after these introductory words we can take a look at my nail polish collection!
010 little princess by p2
I mean a light pink on the nails is an all year favourite of mine. I think that the nails just look so much more neat when they are coated with a light coloured nude. Are you with me?

35 engaged by essence
Do you want to wear beach sand on your nails?
Yes, nude is my go-to colour for nail polishes. And this nude in particular has a special effect. It is matt and looks like a sand polish. If you are into matt, sandy effect kind of polishes definitely try that one out. The only thing is that essence nail polishes tend to dry out quickly. At least that is what I have experienced.

91 It's All About That Red by CATRICE
I don’t have to say much about red on the nails am I right? It is a classic. In winter I tend to reach for darker red tones like burgundy. But in summer I want a bright red!

Nail polishes with glitter particles shine so beautifully in sun light. And when do you have the most intense sun light? Of course in summer. Sparkle, sparkle!

I absolutely love this mint colour. It reminds me of tropical oceans and mermaids.
All kinds of blue polishes are so suitable for summer. I definitely prefer light blue shades. 

Swatches of the nail polishes
That’s it. Thank you for visiting our blog!
We appreciate it.

☼ N. 

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