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1 April 2018

Trend 2018: Yellow

Hey bamba fashionistas,

Believe it or not guys but spring still hasn't reached Germany!
Grey is the only colour you are seeing when looking through the window and it is April already. Spring, please hurry up. I mean, the trees still haven't got any buds yet. Luckily one of the colours that instantly brightens the mood in this dull weather is yellow. It gives you energy in a way. It is one of the trend colours in 2018 and I am confident that the summer fashion of this year will live for the motto: Brighter than the sun!  If you don't see any sun in your country, be your own sun and wear something in bright yellow. I think yellow suits every skin type and hair colour.

I've collected a few pictures of fashion items that are available right now. It should just inspire you to wear this colour more often this spring season (and the upcoming summer season). The highstreet shops offer a lot of yellow coloured pieces.

I think yellow looks super cute combined with earthy shades like brown or green.
Moreover yellow and denim is a super casual combination. And yellow combined with gold is just pure glam.

Which colour do you think looks good with yellow?

☼ N.

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