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11 March 2018

Like a rose

Hey there bamba beauties,

Today I am back with a makeup tutorial!
Spring finally reached Germany and there is a certain floral scent in the air.
Flowers stand for spring and the queen of all flowers has to be the rose.
There are so many stories connected to gifting roses. It is a symbol for love.
I love including rose colours in my makeup looks. A pink shade on the eyes and a sheer red colour on the cheeks and you will look youthful and fresh. This time I used my blush as an eyeshadow colour. There are so many makeup products that you can use for many different purposes at one go. For example a lipstick can be an eyeshadow colour, a blush and of course a lipstick. Pink shades can be applied on many points of your face, there are so versatile. But be careful and don’t overuse a rose colour on your face because you may end up looking like you just did a marathon run. This is a very basic makeup. I applied foundation, highlighter and the blush. On the eyes I used my highlighter as a base. Over that I applied the blush and a sparkly pink eyeshadow shade. In the crease I applied a matt brown shade to create more definition. I rounded up my eye look with my statement feline flick. Then I applied a rosewood colour on my lips and I was good to go.

A flower does not 
think of competing
with the flower
next to it.
It just blooms.
quote by Zen Shin

Foundation- Rival de Loop Natural Lift Make-Up in 01 Light Beige
Lipgloss- L.O.V LOVlicious caring volume gloss in no. 170 Tempting Grape
Eyebrow gel- essence make me brow in 02 browny brows
Highlighter- Alverde Naturkosmetik Rose Tinted Highlighter
Blush- H&M Beauty in Pale Pink
Eyeliner- essence 2in1 eyeliner pen in thin/thick
Mascara- p2 Hero Lash mascara in 010 super black
Matt brown eyeshadow- EYLURE cosmetics London Fleur de Force brow powder and brow highlighter
Lipstick- p2 Full shine lipstick in 080 tell me a tale
Eyeshadow palette- essence ...& the lovely little things in 02 ...& the love story with my wardrobe

Do you have a favourite mascara that you can recommend? I am in need of a new one.
I like lenghtening mascaras. Volume isn't as important to me.

Have a nice week!

☼ N.

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