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4 March 2018

Drugstore haul - February 2018

Hey bamba beauties,

Today I'll show you my recent drugstore haul. The main reason I had to visit the drugstore is because my coconut oil was empty. Of course, I didn’t only purchase my beloved coconut oil, as usual. There were a few things that caught my attention and I was in need of a few essentials. At least I was convincing myself that I was in need of them.
BALEA Pflegende Reinigungstücher 3 in 1 / Wet wipes with oil
Firstly I had to buy wet makeup remover wipes. They aren't the best way to take off your makeup. They leave makeup leftovers on your skin and the wiping is rather aggressive to your skin. But generally I use these wipes to refresh my face (when I am wearing zero makeup) or to clean my hands. The scent of this product is very subtle and pleasant. It smells powdery.

Herbal Essences Shampoo kokosmilch / Coconut milk hair shampoo
I haven't treid this product yet as I have many other hair products that are already in use. When they are finished I will try this hair shampoo and if I like it a lot I will tell you guys. I was curious to try it out becuase it has coconut milk in it.

essence 2 in 1 eyeliner pen thin and thick
The applicator isn't very thin (even the thin side) and therefore the lines you will paint with it won't be very natural but bulky. I guess it is okay when you want to do a bold eye-makeup look.

essence shine shine shine wet look lipgloss in 14 pink of bel air
I needed a sheer lipgloss and I can confirm that this gloss is very sheer. You can't really see the colour on your lips. It has no scent to it which is nice. Doesn't last very long.

Balea lip balm in CRAZY COCO 
This lip balm is very nurturing and it has a subtle coconut scent.

I haven't used this brush yet. It is a makeup buffer brush so you can use it to apply foundation on your skin.

dm bio Kokosöl nativ / natural coconut oil
The obligatory coconut oil! I am still a fan of it. Very nurturing.

 Have a nice week!
☼ N.

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