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25 February 2018

Youtube channels I recommend

Hey bamba readers,

A lot of my leisure time I spend online on Youtube and over the years I have accumulated a few youtubers that I keep on watching regularly. All of them inspire me in a different way. Some of them give helpful tips, others I watch when I want to feel calm and relaxed and some I watch because of their humorous content.

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle section on Youtube
This channel is run by two girls. I can clearly say that they are my favourite german youtube channel to watch. Their videos are just very esthetically pleasing and they make me feel so relaxed. I love their weekly vlogs. I like their fashion sense and their home decoration is always very subtle but stylish. I feel like we could be friends in real life as we have so much in common. They love to travel and to try different food places. They aren’t crazy with their makeup looks and I can relate to that. I like to watch their videos while eating :)
language: German

Diana zur Löwen
This girl is so cute and intelligent. And she is a total business lady at a very young age. She is so genuine and always cheerful. She inspires me to be more productive. When you look at her and the life standard she has built herself you realize anything is possible with the right amount of ambition.
language: German

This woman is very chic. I can always be sure that her recommendations in terms of makeup or fashion are right up my street and genuine. She is a walking inspiration to put effort into your everyday style. I love her travel vlogs. She likes to do makeup looks featuring nude colours.
language: English

Romee Strijd
She is a model and beautiful from the outside and inside. She has such a happy personality and when you see her smile, you just get happy as well. Her videos are so well edited, it always feels like watching a short movie. She travels a lot because of her profession and you get an insight into the busy life of a model. Her fitness vlogs inspire me to do more sports.
language: English

Sonya Esman / Classisinternal
This girl is a beauty. She has two channels, a Russian and an English one.
I can relate so much to her mindset. Sometimes it seems that she can read my mind. She is very wise for her age. She inspired me to go beyond my fears. She showed me that even if others don’t believe in you, you should do whatever makes you happy. She has introduced me to concepts like law of attraction.
language: English and Russian

This woman is huge on youtube. And I get why she is so successful. She is so cheerful, genuine and radiates that girl next door feeling that anyone can relate to in a way. I’ve listed her second channel because I absolutely love her vlogs.
language: English

Together with her husband she vlogs her life. It is very relaxing to watch their videos. They are from Russia and Ukraine but live together in Spain. It is very interesting to see the life of immigrants in Spain. I love Spain and the Spanish people and I have a connection to Russian people. That is why I am interested in their vlogs.
language: Russian

Alexandria Morgan
She is a New York City based model who is so down to earth. I like her sarcasm. She gives useful tips concerning skin care.
language: English

Liza Koshy
Her puns are legendary. Her sense of humour is similar to mine. She is always full of energy and makes a joke out of anything (in a good way).
language: English

He is part of the anime scene on Youtube. I can relate to his passion towards Anime and all things Japan. He jokes about those hardcore anime fans but in his heart he knows that he is an Otaku himself.
language: German

Useful tips
Mathe by Daniel Jung
This man is legendary. If you struggle with mathematics and you are able to understand german just search for the topic you need to learn for school or Uni on his channel and I am sure this man has uploaded a video about it.
language: German

What is your favourite youtube channel?

☼ N.

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