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7 February 2018

Study abroad in Australia Part 4 - First impressions and o-week

Hey there conquerors!

Welcome to some Dee-time. Today we are talking about my first impressions and o-week. Let's get right into it.

Now I still remember how excited I was to get out of the plane after more than 25 hours of travelling. I finally made my biggest dream come true. Unbelievable. The guy from the car rental was really friendly although it was in the middle of the night and I must have looked like a zombie as I almost didn't sleep the entire flight. After we got the car driving on the left was literally driving us nuts. I was so tensed up although I didn't even drive. There wasn't really much to see during the ride as it was night but Brisbane looked so big with all the lights. Love the skyline.

When we finally arrived at our accommodation which was more than one hour later we were extremely glad that it was clean and tidy. We almost went straight to bed as I hadn't slept properly for probably 35 hours. The next day or at least a few hours later we met our hosts which were extremely nice and helpful. The beachside accommodation was just so perfect and we were even allowed to use the bikes so we were able to discover the neighbourhood.

Of course we went to the beach on our first day and it was better than I ever dreamed. Australia was everything I could have asked for but it was honestly even better than I expected except for the weather as it was raining during our first week almost every day.

As you probably know from my previous posts we were looking for an apartment during the first two weeks. It was really stressful to arrange all these appointments and scheduling these. We were constantly driving up and down the Gold Coast to find our new home. We were able to get a good overview of where we would be living for the next year and I almost felt at home straight away.

When we finally moved into our apartment we were looking for affordable places where we could buy a bit of homeware. Although we rented a furnished apartment we ended up paying about 300 bugs at Big W, kmart, target, woolies and coles. There is so much you need when you have your own household and remember we only came with one suitcase each so there wasn't really that much space.

I never felt anywhere at home. Not even at the place I grew up. That's why I love Australia so much. Because I feel at home. I love the people. Aussies are friendly, kind, polite and genuine. There is no staring, no comments on how you look or dress and no hate for who you are, no slandering. It's just peaceful and people are mindful. It's so different to Germany that I simply love living there. I can finally enjoy myself and know who I wanna be.

Now I don't want to say much about o-week because I will do a seperate article on my life at Southern Cross University. But I can definitely say that the first day was really hard but mainly because of the way to SCU. You need to know that we wanted to have a healthier lifestyle so we bought bikes to ride to uni. It actually took us about two hours to ride to uni. If we had taken the bus we would have arrived after 30 mins so you can probably imagine how exhausted we looked and we almost came to late. Huge thanks to google maps for calculating 50 minutes for this way by bike. Sorry for not being an athlete. So the day already started really shitty. Then the next disappointment. No aussies. There were literally only internationals which was such a shame because we were so excited to make some Australian friends. Because the day already went so well it still got better. It always does. On our way home Kim's brakes stopped working which was quite dangerous and I got a flat tire. Lucky us right?

Hopefully I could help you out a bit. If you have any further questions leave them in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for my fifth study abroad part where we will talk about my life at Southern Cross University.

That's it for today conquerors. Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!! 

♥ D

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