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4 February 2018

Shine bright like a diamond! Highlighter Review

Brighten up your makeup routine!

Hi bamba beauties,

Highlighters are a big trend this year. I definitely fell for the glow trend. My motto: the brighter, the better! I adore the dewy look on the skin. Similarly to contouring you can shape your face with applying highlighter on certain places on your face.
If you didn’t know: highlighter or illuminators should be applied on the highest points of your face to accentuate them and make them stand out more. I do apply highlighter on the middle part of my nose to make it look slimmer. Moreover I apply it on the bow of my lips to plump them up. You can apply highlighter on the middle part of your lips to make them look fuller.
I always apply my highlighter on the highest point of my cheek bones to make them stand out more. Highlighter is an essential part of my eye-makeup. I apply illuminating powder under my eyebrow, on the center part of my eyelid and on the inner corners of my eyes to make me look wide awake.

In the following I will show you the illuminating products that are in my makeup collection.
There are powder, cream and pencil ones.
I will give you a short review to each one of them and in the end I will pick my favourite.
So if you are into illuminating makeup looks please continue reading!

 What is your preference of texture regarding highlighters?
(alverde natural cosmetics)
This is the most natural one out of all of my highlighters.
It is a very pale rose colour. You can blend it very well. When blended it looks so natural that you barely notice it on your face (you can see it on the picture). The shimmer pigments are really fine and silver. It is a cream highlighter and therefore suitable for dry skin.

This one used to be my favourite. It isn't as natural as the alverde one. It has more colour pigments in it. It is a pinky shade that is very noticeable on your skin. It can double up as a highlighter and a blush. It lasts super long. The shimmer pigments are fine. However you can see the silvery pigments on your skin.

So this one it suitable for a heavier makeup-look. If you go clubbing for example you can apply  this highlighter. Surely you can use this product as a blush or bronzer. It has a very deep brown colour. I guess this highlighter is very suitable for darker skin tones. Maybe I will like it more in summer but for now I barely use this one. The cream as such is very thick. You can blend it but it can look streaky so be careful.

essence me & my umbrella
pencil highlighter
Limited edition
This was in a contour and highlight set from a limited edition so you can't get the exact one. But I wanted to include a highliughter of every consitency. So this is a representation of a pencil highlighter. It doen't last as long as the cream ones but if you have oily skin I would recommend using a pencil or powder product. This one gives you a fairy-like glow. It is a champagne colour.

2 shades of the ...& the lovely little things limited edition palette by essence
02 ...& the love story with my wardrobe
Powder highlighters are so versatile to use.
Be careful because the fall out of powder highlighters is extreme. You will have shimmer everywhere. But if you want to have an allround shimmery look powder highlighters are the way to go. You can apply some powder on your décolleté as well.

So which one is my favourite?
You know I am into natural makeup looks. So I have to choose the alverde highlighter. Yay.
It is the most natural highlighter I own. I am using it in my everyday-basic makeup looks and I guess that makes your favourite. It has to be the product you use the most.

Do you have a favourite highlighter/ illuminator product?
Please tell me in the comments below!

☼ N.  

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