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14 February 2018

January sales - Tkmaxx haul / huge bargain

Hey there conquerors!

Welcome to some Dee-time. I know I'm a bit late with that blog post as it's already February but I figured you'd probably still be interested in a tkmaxx haul.

Now first of all I have to say that I love January because you can get great bargains. Admittedly I'm a huge fan of tkmaxx because the store offers a wide variety of things from homeware, swimwear and sports gear to casual wear and evening dresses. I'm pretty sure you'll find everything you need. However I also know that the store is not that organised so it's not everyone's cup of tea but as a matter of fact I love digging through a great amount of clothing. I guess that's also one reason because I love thrifting. The fantastic thing about tkmaxx is that you are able to buy things from well-known brands for a lower price.

I honestly didn't need anything in particular but January is the month of bargains and I had a gift card from tkmaxx which I got for Christmas. So I figured I just give it a go.

Organisation-wise the store looked even worse than ever but I guess people just turn into animals when there might be a good bargain in place. I started digging through the women's clothing section and found piece after piece. A lot of it didn't make it into the changing rooms as many of these had stains or holes in it. So keep in mind to check that and be picky although it's a bargain. Also check the man's and children section! You can always wear pieces oversize and cropped.

I got 6 pieces for 35 EUR which is just insane. Now here's what I bought:

I know I said that I didn't need anything but in fact I needed an outfit for upcoming job interviews. Hence I was extremely excited when I found a nice pair of comfy high-quality business trousers. They are really stretchy and ideal for spending the whole day in them. The colour is a nice navy blue which looks really classy and it's not as harsh as black. I also found a cute long button up shirt. It's white with black stripes. Due to it's length I love to tuck it into the trousers which are high-waisted by the way. That's it on the business front.

I then decided to check the sports gear section. Although I already bought two pants not too long ago I decided to buy another two pairs because I want to wear them more often and not only for sport purposes. I got a dark grey pair with a bit of mesh and a black pair that has a white net part which goes all the way down starting at my knees. Both are by the brand 90 degree by reflex. I only discovered this brand recently and omg does this brand know how to do yoga pants. They are such high-quality with lovely designs and really stretchy without being sheer. I tried other pants as well but I must say that some of the other one's already showed off my underwear without doing any excercises. Therefore I highly appreciate the amazing quality that this brand provides. Their prices are also very good in general and the way that these pants shape my body is awesome. Usually I never liked to wear such tight pants for sport but damn do I look good in these and believe me I rarely tell myself this.

The last thing I got is a light grey hat made out of wool. You know I love my hats and I accumulated quite a collection but I love to wear them. I think a hat can complete an outfit the same way a handbag or jewellery does but I also know that hats don't look good on everyone. However you should at least give it a try. Oh I almost forgot that I got one more thing. I also found this at the accessory section but it's actually a present so I'll keep it a secret for now.

That's it for today conquerors. Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!! 

♥ D 

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