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1 February 2018

Healthy diet - update

Hey there conquerors!

Welcome to some Dee-time. Some of you might know that I tried to change my diet habits over the last month and I must say that I'm really happy how it went down so far. 

I didn't expect too much but I love how this two months challenge turned out for me so far. Now I still have one month to go but I already lost 1,5kg which might not seem a lot but the way I feel is just so incredible.

Originally I planned to hopefully lose 5kg which I probably won't achieve but I honestly don't mind because I feel good in my skin again. And that is worth so much more. I feel much more motivated, happy and excited. Eating more veggies and fruits gives me strength over the day. I eat way less sweets and just smaller portions overall. If I feel hungry in-between my main meals I grab various fruits like oranges, kiwi or apples but I often go for carrots as well. I don't even need the cheat day anymore because my cravings became way less. Another thing that changed is the fact that I eat lunch with a delicious salad half of the week. I just love having a fresh and cold addition to my warm meals. And again there is so much variety. I also eat more fish and less meat which was really important to me.

My current weight is 61,8kg and I definitely want my weight to be under 60kg. Still aiming to fit into my jeans right? Now because I'm not quite sure whether I'll achieve this goal or not I'm thinking about including a bit of fitness. I found a few apps which offer a 30 day challenge for different body parts. So I think I'll give it a go in order to gain some muscles. More muscles burn more fat which could help me achieve my weight goal. I know that muscles weigh more than fat so I could end up weighing more than before but let's just see whether my jeans fit at the end of this or not.

I found a lot of inspiration on youtube and just the internet in general. There are so many healthy options for eating that I want to gain more knowledge about food that's good and important for my body. And I want to try new recipes as well.

My eating habits changed a lot and I'm so glad that I had the discipline and strength to do this. I definitely will continue this routine after the two months are over.

Did anyone of you join me on this journey? What are your results and where do you get your inspiration from? Comment down below please!

That's it for today conquerors. Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!! 

♥ D

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