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11 February 2018

All about that hair

Hey bamba beauties,

Let’s talk about hair shall we?
First things first, my hair is very fine and dry. I wouldn’t say that I particularly love the natural texture of my hair. My hair has a funny structure because of my genes: my mother has very curly hair and my father has straight hair. When I am washing my hair and leave it to dry naturally I have cute curls but as soon as I try to brush them out my hair just gets puffy and unmanageable. I am left with neither curls nor straight hair. At least I can’t say that my hair lacks volume. The only way for me to keep them straight is to straighten them with a hot iron and that is another kind of damage I leave my hair with (as if bleaching them isn’t enough). I am not a good role-model for keeping healthy hair.
But I mean, at least I have hair on my head and I am thankful for that.

I tried out many hair colours and I got stuck with blonde. I wanted to be 'blonde' since my childhood. Don’t ask me why. So, my hair is dry but this fact didn’t stop me from bleaching it. I can assure you: bleaching your hair destroys them extremely! And there is no way back. The only way you can re-gain healthy hair is to cut off the bleached parts. So I wanted to put this as a disclaimer. My hair isn’t very strong because of all the bleach and through applying several products on them regularly I try to make sure that they don’t snap off too quick. At least for now I don’t plan on going back to my natural hair colour. Maybe in the future I will get tired of the 'blonde' but for now I like this colour more than my natural one which is an ashy brown.

I know there are expensive hair products on the market that are designed for extremely damaged hair (a.k.a my hair) but a lot of them cost about 20 EUR per bottle and I am not willing to pay this much for a shampoo! I mean, you rinse them out with water after a few minutes. I only use drugstore products and I am quite satisfied with them. In general I am not crazy about hair. But I thought that maybe you are interested in hair care for bleached hair so I chose to write this blog entry.

Let’s take a look at my hair care!

Products with a bleaching effect
I was curious to try out this kind of products which purpose is to bleach the hair gradually with each hair wash. I try to use these two up but I don't think I will re-purchase them.
I really like the idea to accentuate the blonde with such products but firstly the effect isn't viewable enough and secondly I think that there are dangerous ingredients in this kind of products. I am okay with the bleach I use for colouring my hair once in a while but I don't want to have these bleaching ingredients in my everyday hair routine. It helps damage your hair slowly and surely.
And I don't like the smell of these shampoos but this is a personal opinion. I just want to warn everyone out there who is using this kind of shampoos or conditioners on a daily basis: your skin/hair can be damaged. Please only use bleaching shampoos/ conditioners like once a week or even less. Of course the bleaching ingredients aren't as concentrated as in hair colorations but on a long-term basis they function like hair coloration. Be cautious.
JOHN FRIEDA sheer blonde go blonder CONDITIONER

Natural hair care
I really wanted to like these. I think they are okay but they aren't worth the money.
I love the smell of these products. The nurturing effect is average. They aren't bad products at all. The only thing I noticed with them is that my hair gets oily very quickly after I use these ones.
It may only be my hair type. Maybe your hair won't react like that. I think you have to try them out yourself (they smell incredible) but I am not satisfied with the value for money relation with these products. I can recommend the alverde natural haircare products that are available in DM. They aren't expensive and high quality. I don't quite know all the differences between natural hair care and average drugstore products. Do you know which ingredients are different in natural hair products?
Do you think they are worth the higher price? As I stated above I wanted to love these products because I liked the idea of using natural products for my damaged hair. But the only natural hair care product that has found its way into my routine is (of course) coconut oil! No natural shampoo has convinced me yet.

Nivea shampoo
I love this one. The smell is incredible, the nurture effect is absolutely adequate and the price is good as well. This is my current favourite hair shampoo. Please try it out. I believe they also have special hair care for darker hair colours. And I have noticed that it highlights my blonde colour. Somehow my hair does look lighter and shinier after I use this shampoo.
You may have noticed that I don't have a favourite conditioner yet. I am trying to use up the lavera conditioner and then I want to try out a new one. I would highly appreciate if you could suggest a good hair conditioner or hair mask in the comments below. My hair type is fine, dry and damaged/bleached.
Thank you in advance!

Have a nice week.
☼ N.  

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