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18 February 2018

Accessories special: Handbags

Hey bamba fashionistas,

As promised I will show you today my handbag collection.
I’ll admit it, this is not my entire collection. I am a little bit crazy when it comes to handbags. My new motto is quality not quantity and that is why I will try to reduce my collection in the future.

I will show you a handbag for every occasion.

Going out / night out
So, when you go partying with your friends or simply visit a nice restaurant the best handbag you can bring is a tiny one that you can wear over your shoulder. You will notice that I lack black handbags. I am more attracted to light coloured bags. When you go partying make sure to use a bag that has a zipper. Safety first! I love those bags that have a rounder form. They are very on trend this year. I think they are inspired by Chloé bags. The little bag with fringes is my go-to party bag. It is tiny but it fits all my essentials. I even use the fringes to double knot the zipper of the bag so it is (nearly) impossible for anyone to open it within seconds. Smart right? 
Fringe bag: h&m, Round bag in gold colour: I AM, Round bag with gold studs: Deichmann, Dark grey bag: Michael Kors

Office / Uni bag
Sometimes I feel like carrying half of my home to Uni. But a girl’s gotta have her essentials with her all the time. Sometimes I spend the whole day in Uni and therefore I do need a lot of things to survive it the most enjoyable way possible. I guess the same applies to an office bag. You spend a lot of time at work and therefore you need to bring your key essentials. I love tote bags, you can throw everything in there. The only downside to classic tote bags is that they don’t have an upper zipper. The big black bag is really nice when you have to bring your laptop as it is very sturdy. But I do think that an office bag has to look chic from the outside. You want to convey a business-appropriate look.
I've posted a 'What's in my Uni bag' with the pink/ grey tote at the bottom. Just click here.
 Black bag from Even & Odd, Grey bag from H&M, Tote bag in pink/ grey is from New Look

Rucksacks are everywhere right now. There are so many cute designs that are sporty and chic at the same time. I am not a fan of the normal sporty rucksack styles but rucksacks that are in faux-leather style or have nice patterns and classy colours are my cup of tea. And we all know that rucksacks are so much more comfortable to wear. Your shoulders and back will thank you for wearing a rucksack instead of a handbag.
 Rucksack is from PIECES.

Everyday handbags
I guess my favourite colour for bags is beige. A bag that I am using everyday has to have a lot of compartments and zippers. Okay it makes finding stuff inside it a little bit of a game but I want to stay as organized as possible for everyday. The Ralph Lauren bag has a similar style to Prada bags that I like. The quality is great. I got it at sales. And I want to recommend the store TK MAXX to you (once again). When you are on the hunt for a high-quality handbag that doesn’t cost too much visit your local TK MAXX. They have such a wide range of different styles. I always love to browse there.
 Upper beige bag is from Ralph Lauren. The other beige bag is from TK MAXX by an unknown brand.
Are you more into handbags or rucksacks?
☼ N. 

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