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21 January 2018

The secret to (beauty) success: Coconut oil

Hi bamba beauties,

No, I’m not exaggerating.
I use coconut oil for everything. You don’t need to buy expensive body creams, pumped with nasty chemicals that moisturize your skin for about 2 seconds. All you need, ladies and gentleman, is coconut oil.

I stumbled upon coconut oil not that long ago. I think there has been a recent hype about this natural product in the last few years. Before the hype, the oil was hardly available anywhere.
Now you can find coconut oil in many supermarkets and drugstores. I always buy mine at the German drugstore chain DM. At first I was sceptical towards smearing edible oil on my body. It is a grocery at the end of the day. It is sticky and doesn’t feel as light as industrial moisture creams. But you get used to it. I wouldn’t recommend applying oil in the daytime when you have to touch a lot of things because everything you touch will get sticky: your laptop, book or face. But it is extremely nice to apply coconut oil after a shower to bring back the moisture on your skin. I do put a teaspoon sized drop of the oil into my bathwater to prevent my skin from drying out too much. Moreover I did use it a few times to take off my waterproof mascara as soaps can be very aggressive to your eyes. I even apply it at the ends of my hair. Those are naturally very dry and the oil builds a protective coat around the split ends. And the hair looks shinier that way.

It is my go-to hand cream. Especially now in the wintertime my hands get extremely dry and coconut oil is always the savior at the end of the day.
You can even cook with it (which is its main purpose): I fried some banana pancakes in coconut oil and it gave the pancakes an exotic sweet nutty flavour. Coconut oil works perfect for desserts.
I will try to research a bit about coconut oil. Wherefrom it is imported and so on.
I will let you know if I have collected further information. For now, if I have the choice between an industrial moisturizer I can get at the drugstore and natural coconut oil, I will choose the coconut oil.

Do you love coconut oil as much as me?

Have a nice week!
☼ N.  

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