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24 January 2018

Skincare routine - How to get perfect and glowing skin!!!

Hey there conquerors!

Welcome to some Dee-time. Today I want to share my new skincare routine with you. It's basically new because I never had a routine or what so ever. I mean of course I had products that I always went for but I honestly never used these regularly. However winter has been driving me nuts lately and really affected my skin. Therfore I figured I was in desperate need of a bit of skincare and especially a routine to keep my skin healthy.

Now the problems I discovered were mostly extremely dry patches on my skin and a lot of breakouts. I'd probably say that I have a mixed skin type which means that the t-zone is oily and the rest of my face is kind of dry. The odd thing is that my t-zone has been still oily but then dry at the same time. No idea how that could possibly happen but you could literally see different layers of skin and how dry a few of these parts were. Do you know what I mean? My skin basically looked like a snake that was about to shed.

So the first thing I wanted to get was a good moisturizer. There is such a huge range at the drugstore that I almost didn't find one because I was unsure which one to get. The original idea was to get a moisturizer that would work a bit of magic on my first wrinkles. Don't laugh!! You can never start too early to take care of your skin! But there was not even one that was suitable for people under 30 years which is why I went for a normal moisturizer. 

I picked the L'Oréal hydra active 3 nutrissime and it's amazing. I think I have been using this for almost a month now and I can't even express how highly I recommend this. After a few days of using it you'll notice that all your dry patches will be gone. The moisturizer sinks into your skin within a few minutes which I love as I often had the feeling that a moisturizer would only sit on my skin so to speak.

Now what I love to do is using a facial roller with the moisturizer. I let it dry on my skin for one or to minutes and then I'm using the roller for a minute or so. It stimulates the blood flow and causes a bit of redness but that'll fade away in a few minutes. Trust me! It just works wonders!!

As for the breakout problem I decided to go for a peeling. And as far as I can tell it got rid of a majority of my blemishes and removed the old dry skin on my face. So overall it's refreshing and clearing my face as well as minimizing my pores. Again I was really indecisive which is why I actually picked up two different peelings. One is the teint corrector by Neutrogena and the other one is a simple peeling with clay that is supposed to absorb sebum and oil. Both work really well therefore I switch them every week.

Daily routine:

In the morning I clean my face with a cleansing tonic. Afterwards I apply my moisturizer and use the facial roller before I apply my makeup.

In the evening I just remove my makeup with a cleansing milk.

Weekly routine:

I highly recommend using a peeling twice a week. I can always see it on my skin when I only used the peeling once a week. Therefore I set myself fixed days where I use it which is Wednesday and Sunday.

Monthly routine:

Once a month I use my  deep cleansing charcoal facial mask.

I hope you do take better care of your skin now and found some inspiration in my post today. I'm still optimizing my skincare routine so please share yours down in the comment section below with me.

That's it for today conquerors. Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!! 

♥ D

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