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28 January 2018

Opportunity costs - finding your place in society

Hi bamba readers,

Right now I am sitting in a local library typing this blog post.
I could as well continue studying for my upcoming exam.
I could as well visit a nice restaurant and eat my favourite meal.
I could as well visit a friend.
I could as well just sleep.

I don’t want to bother you with scientific theories but this concept of missing other opportunities while focusing on the opportunity you are currently executing and thus indirectly creating costs of missed opportunities is the basic concept of the theory of opportunity costs. It is one of the main theories in economy.

Why do I mention this theory to you?
Well, especially now in the preparing phase for the upcoming exam period I find myself in the daily struggle of arranging the time I have given on a day the best way possible. But this isn’t easy. Oftentimes I am not so sure if I should continue studying, have a break or watch an entertaining video on youtube. The funny thing is: no one but you can answer this question. Other people don’t know of your capabilities. They can’t see if you are currently having a break because you are exhausted or simply bored.

I find it frustrating at times that our current society standards are only focusing on success.
You can always be better. No matter how good you are at something, there is always gonna be someone who’s better at it. There’s not much you can do about it.
I would describe myself as an ambitious person but there are times when I think about the costs that I pay indirectly day by day. You never know about the exact 'price' you are going to pay because you have chosen that one opportunity.
Sometimes when I am sitting in the library I feel sorry for the social contacts I am neglecting.
I don’t want to neglect anybody, it is just not physically possible for me to focus on so many things at once. When I feel extremely tired in the evenings and just decide to sleep I feel bad in the morning and tell myself: you could have studied harder. But I feel that we are never really satisfied with our current situation.

We are given the technical devices to be able to compare ourselves with millions of others within seconds on-line. If you post a life-goal you have achieved there is always someone who will surpass you. Or someone who makes fun of your goal because they might not understand the reason behind it. A simple comment under a picture you post can be the trigger for you to feel unmotivated and hopeless.
And in the offline-life: In school everyone told us that without the A-Levels you won’t be able to find a good job. After gaining my A-Levels everyone told me that without an academical degree I won’t find a good job. I don’t know what will happen after Uni but I am sure that some people still won’t be satisfied with what I have achieved. Maybe they will never be. This is the game of society. For the masses you are probably never good enough.
Back in the day you could only compare yourself with a sibling, cousin, the boy/girl living down the street. Nowadays the ways of comparing your life to others is endless. That is very dangerous if your aren’t confident in your own skin.

Comparison is the thief of joy. You can take inspiration from other people but never compare yourself in a direct way to them. They are in other stages of their life. You are different. That is a fact. And that is good. I’ve learned that the only opinion that matters is my own. There are many ways to reach a certain goal. You don’t have to choose the path that is the most recommended. If you are satisfied with yourself it’s all that matters.

And let me tell you: having fun is more important in life than working.
You have to balance out the work with something your body can regain energy from. Once your energy is gone, it has to be recharged. I mean everything has to be recharged. Not only technical devices but your body and mind as well. Have some me-time regularly.

I believe that everything in life is balanced out. You have to find your optimal balance. Though I don’t believe there is an optimal balance. All these optimizing theories are theories, literally.
However us humans aren’t theoretical. We are real and imperfect.
You can’t avoid missing certain opportunities. Just try to be happy with your life in general and focus on the one opportunity you are taking at a time. Make the best out of your choices.
If you feel good with what you are filling your life with and you don’t hurt anybody: just continue doing it. Goals are important but don’t feel sad if others don’t appreciate your effort.
Celebrate every tiny victory on the road to your life-time goal and most importantly be proud of yourself!

Of course this is all my perspective on things. Please don't take it personal if you share an other opinion. I don't want to offend anyone.

☼ N.  

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