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8 January 2018

New perfume obsession

Hi bamba beauties,
I like the 007 scents for women. Yet none of them actually pursued me as much to buy a bottle. But they brought out a new scent called James Bond 007 for Women III Eau de Parfum.
It is their third scent of the 007 for women range. It is a fruity scent. You know I love my fruity scents. I think it will be perfect in spring & summer. It is very warm and feminine. Just a cozy, happy scent. I think I like it so much because it reminds me of a time I’ve done an internship in Spain.
I believe that one of my roommates was wearing a similar scent during that time and now every time I sniff this perfume it reminds me of this happy time in Spain. I believe it is the patchouli that wakes my memories. From my first uses I can say that the lasting power is not very long. But this is okay for me. This is a drugstore scent and not very expensive. For this price, the quality is good. It is about 15 EURO for 30 ml. It smells like a fruit cocktail mixed with some warmer spicy notes.
I just love this scent right now. I think it does suit me. I will see what kind of reactions my surroundings will give this scent. I will tell you :)

Information about this perfume on fragrantica:
Top notes: pineapple, papaya
middle notes: frangipani, ylang-ylang, solar notes
base notes: patchouli, benzoin, sandalwood
(Information on notes from fragrantica)

Do you have a special scent that reminds you of a nice voyage?

☼ N.  

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