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7 January 2018

My favourite accessories: Part 1

Hey there conquerors,

this week I will grant you a glimpse into my accessories wardrobe! Like most girls I have too many of those cute little pieces that will spice up every outfit. I probably should start a clear out soon.
But this confession aside: Next week I will do a part 2, focusing on jewellery pieces. Moreover I will present to you in part 2 the kind of belts that I am absolutely obsessed with!
And I am planning on doing a bag special as I am definitely a bag girl. I will show you the right bag for every occasion. School, uni, work or a night out: there is a suitable bag for every occasion!
Stay tuned for the bag special in a few weeks. Just click on our fashion section.
Have fun reading it!

  • Ray-Ban
  • Clubmaster RB 3016 W0366 small
  • mock tortoise
Let me tell you, investing in nice high quality sunglasses is the key to not only look absolutely fashionable in the sun, it protects your eyes with the best quality.
When I was a teenager I used to buy 1 euro sunglasses that looked kinda trendy. They broke easily and I’m not sure if the protection they provided was appropriate.
Please invest your money into high quality sunglasses. Your eyes are so important and vulnerable.
And if you are going to invest into new sunglasses don’t buy a number that is trendy for like one season. Buy glasses that are timeless, elegant and suit every outfit. I think I found the go-to glasses for me! I was inspired by my fashion and beauty muse Candice Swanepoel to buy these particular glasses. As usual. I think they are unisex. They are by Ray-Ban. I have had them for a couple of years now and I still find them very chic. I probably won’t buy anymore cheap sunglasses just for one season as I used to. In general my motto this year is quality not quantity! Here is a link for the sunglasses.

 Fossil ES3405
In a time everyone is carrying at least one technical device that includes a clock most people don’t wear a watch anymore. I am one of these people. Oftentimes I forget my watch at home. I mean I have my mobile phone with me? But there were occasions (more than once) where my battery died and I was left without a reliable clock. Sad times. Of course you could ask pedestrians but when you are as shy as me you find that quite uncomfortable. When I want to be safe and one hundred percent on time I always make sure to carry an old-school clock with me. Better be safe than sorry.
I love small clocks. The big clocks that are so popular right now aren’t my cup of tea. I have very delicate arms and bulky watches just make my arms look so childish.
I like cute feminine watches. They can have a soft pink in them just like the model in the picture but it mustn’t. There are a few small watches by Michael Kors that I like at the moment. Maybe in the future I will buy a new watch but until then I will just use my Fossil watch. The quality of this one is excellent. I do like Fossil as a brand very much. I also have a wallet by Fossil which is very beautiful.
Here is a link for the watch: amazon link.
I want to know if you are into delicate small watches like me or do you like the bulky kind that was on trend so long?
Comment below!

Stay tuned for part 2!

☼ N.  

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