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10 January 2018

Healthy diet - 2 months challenge

Hey there conquerors!

Welcome to some Dee-time. I know that many of you have New Year's resolutions. Some of you plan on doing more sports others want to lose weight. If you are interested in fitness please feel free to check out Natalie's post about staying fit. But if you are more interested in a healthy diet and hopefully losing some weight without any sports or just a bit follow my 2 months journey. For those of you who say that I can't lose weight without doing sports or that I'll just lose water, see it as an experiment. 

I honestly wouldn't consider it as a New Year's resolution. Personally I just want to take the good vibe of 2018 to get a change. I guess I always had a problem with my appearance. Sometimes more and sometimes less. I know that most of it is probably just in my head but it's hard to overcome this when you are used to that. I felt good for a year which is such a huge achievement for me but something pulled me back. 

In order to make me feel better I decided to change my diet and get healthier. Especially at the end of 2017 I realised how bad my diet was. Heaps of sweets, carbs and just big portions in general. And yes of course I gained some weight. I can't say how much but some of my favourite jeans don't fit anymore. Call me silly but I don't want my weight and eating habits ruin my wardrobe and style. I want to live healthier.

Now there are hundreds of ways how to lose weight and I already feel like I tried a majority of it which sucks considering that I'm just 23. But living healthy and feeling good takes time. And the first step is admitting that you do things wrong. I did things wrong and want to start over. My goal is to lose 5kg in 8 weeks which I think is achievable. However if I don't achieve it I hopefully at least fit into my jeans again. So fingers crossed.

Let's start of with some tips:

1. Drink water! A lot of it!
2. Eat from smaller plates! You'll notice that you'll eat less.
3. Drink while you are eating! This will fill up your stomach quicker and you'll eat less.
4. One piece of candy a day to avoid munchies!
5. Have a cheat night or day once a week!

What I plan on eating in a week:

Brekkie: 2 slices of crispbread or 2 slices of home-baked protein bread (without any sugar and flour) I'll eat one slice with ham or salami and the other one with cream cheese and a thin layer of marmalade for a bit of sweetness

Lunch: As usual but smaller portions. But I also plan on eating less meat. Therefore I'll try to eat 2 veggie meals, 2 fish meals combined with salad and 3 meals with meat in a week.

Dinner: Fruits or a fruit salad with a big cup of black tea. And when I still feel hungry I go for 2 slices of crispbread.

If I feel hungry between these three meals I'll go for vegetables and fruits or my piece of candy.

My weight list (I'll update this weekly):

Starting weight: 01.01.2018 63,3kg
Week 1: 03.01.2018 62,8kg
Week 2: 08.01.2018 63,2kg ; 10.01.2018 63,1kg
Week 3: 14.01.2018 62,8kg ; 17.01.2018 62,6kg
Week 4: 21.01.2018 62,4kg ; 24.01.2018 62,3kg
Week 5: 28.1.2018 61,8kg ;

Here's a little update on how I did so far. My plan on what I was supposed to eat didn't quite work out. I often felt hungry in the evening although I went for the additional two slices of crispbread. Therefore I went for the protein bread instead which really helped me out a lot. I also failed eating less meat but I'm still trying though. In week three I definitely will include the two veggie meals per week. The two meals with fish worked out perfectly so far. I also had no problems with going for healthier snacks like fruits and vegetables which I was kinda surprised by to be honest. However I did cheat a bit with brekkie as I sometimes went for a bit of nutella. But only when I felt like I needed some sugar. The weight loss is not really as good as I hoped but I had some girls issues during the first week which might be the reason.

I'm not saying I'm doing this diet the right way. Everyone has to experience it themselves in order to be able to judge. Losing weight is a personal matter. Every body is different and for me it's more about feeling good and staying healthy than losing weight. But I'm still admiring my jeans from far away. Stay tuned for an update at the end of January!

I hope you join me on this challenge and share your achievements with me. If you have any tips please share these in the comments below.  Stay healthy!

That's it for today conquerors. Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!! 

♥ D

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