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6 December 2017

Study abroad in Australia Part 2 – Organisation

Hey there conquerors!

Welcome to the second part of my study abroad series which is the organisation of going abroad. Organising your study abroad can be really nerve-racking and you should definitely be prepared for a lot of setbacks.

The most important question is when to start. I’d probably say that you should start planning at least one year before you actually want to go. I know that that might sound too long but believe me if you would have been in my position you would have been thankful for that time.

I know I have talked about it in the first part but the first thing is figuring out where you want to go. Decide which country you want to live in and also the region. If the region doesn’t seem as important to you then you should go straight for the decision which uni to pick. Now when it comes to the uni you need to check what they offer. Is there one or more courses you can see yourself potentially studying or do they have enough units  that your uni at home will approve? Gather all that information and rank your five favourite unis.

The best advice I can give you is: ask for help and confer with your home uni! Kim and I at least did the first thing straight away. We contacted a free agency which is specialised in study abroad for Australia and New Zealand. I guess we worked with them for 3 months. They gave us brochures for heaps of Australian unis and were supporting us during the application process. When we finally decided which were our top three unis, we contacted our lecturer who also was responsible for our course and checked whether our decisions were okay. I think the agency did already sent out our applications at that time. And then our lecturer was like: no that’s not what we want for you. I still remember how devastated I was. All the time we invested in gathering all the information and meeting up with the agency was all for nothing. What he basically said was that what we chose was only doing units and he wanted us to do a second Bachelor degree which we thought we would automatically receive due to our special course in Germany. No one really explained to us how this all works out with the second Bachelor. I just guess that German unis suck but I mean we don’t pay a lot for studying so I guess it’s okay. Long story short: we had to start over. And our time was running out. We probably only had six months left to organise everything.

We contacted the agency again and explained that we were now looking for a uni that would give us the opportunity to complete a Bachelor degree within one year and they said they couldn’t help us with that. Another setback. It honestly couldn’t get any worse than that. So we decided to meet up with our lecturer again and he thankfully offered his help. So we started looking for new unis and gave our lecturer all the information he needed and then he contacted them. Still so damn thankful for that move Edward!

Unfortunately only two offers came back and he probably contacted about ten for us. So not the best news but you know it could always be worse. And it got worse. Of course. Lucky us. We had to decide which uni to pick. The first offer was a uni in a region we didn’t want to live in and they offered a course we didn’t favour but it was the cheaper option. For all those who don’t know it, studying in Australia is insanely expensive which means the price was a good point. The other offer was a course which we loved, the best region you could think of but a higher price. Shit!! But Edward gave us the best advice ever! He said we should contact our favourite uni again, tell them about the other offer and they might drop the price. That’s what we did. And finally we were lucky, they dropped the price by granting us advanced standing for more units as you pay per unit. Awwweeeesooommmeee!!!! 

I’m not quite sure anymore how it all went on from this moment. I guess we filled in the application form and got the confirmation of enrolment, applied for the student visa online and got our health cover which was organised by the uni. All that literally happened only 2 months before we started studying in Australia. This year of organisation was just insane but it was worth every trouble and setback for what we experienced while our study abroad.

There is so much more to share with you guys so stay tuned for the third part which will be all around finding the right accommodation. Leave your questions down in the comment section below and I’ll answer each one.

Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!

♥ D

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