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31 December 2017

Stay fit!

New year.
New year’s resolutions.
I have to say that I’ve signed up for a membership in a fitness studio this year in March. And it was one of the best decisions I have made so far. In the beginning I was quite shy and only felt motivated when I was joined by my friend. But with time I learned to integrate sports into my daily routine and now I feel very comfortable to go alone. You can focus on yourself and really feel the movements and the effort when you don’t ramble with someone. This way you get to know your body and strength a lot better. The only thing is that I still need and want company when attending a course in the studio. Like ZUMBA for example. This is just a lot more fun when you are with a friend! So, I didn’t attend a fitness course all on my own yet but I hope to be able to pass this barrier very soon.

It sounds so cheesy but I have reached a point where I need sports in my life. It just became a natural part of me. Believe me, this realization took a lot of time and I am not the girl who was sporty all her life. Sports in school, I just hated it. But, doing sports voluntarily when nobody is forcing you, is just a whole other situation. You don’t do it for others, you do it for yourself.
It actually takes months to make regular sports a routine that you look forward to.
You have to drag yourself to the studio in the beginning and especially in the beginning phase it is nice to be joined by a friend. But with time you do realize that going alone is more productive and less-time consuming. Please don’t believe that in the beginning you will happily visit the studio every day and feel motivated to do all the hard exercises. No, it doesn’t work like that. Nothing that is worth having is easily achieved. Routine takes time.
Time is another point I want to address. Doing sports regularly is really time-consuming. You have to view it as a hobby, like painting. It needs your time and it will take your time. So beware that you only can do regular sports if you have the free-time. If you don’t have free-time you have to think about whether you can make sacrifices with other hobbies because sports rob a lot of time.

As for the health aspect I know that sports balance out the work I do at the desk. It is very good for my back. Especially the stretching exercises help to release muscle pains that I sometimes have. I fall asleep quicker when I am exhausted by sports. I just achieve a deep sleep. And doing sports just clears my mind.

Let's talk about money. You certainly don’t have to sign up at an expensive studio.
There are tons of options to do organized sports for cheap. If you are a student, research on the sport programs your school offers you. I have only made positive experiences of doing sports at Uni.
I would highly recommend it! It is very cheap and fun to do sports with people you can relate to.
Or just go biking with your best friend when the weather is nice. You can as well simply run around your block to get sporty. That is for free!
Oh, and the internet is a never-ending source of sporty motivation and free fitness tutorials that you can do at home. You don’t have to have a lot of money to do sports. You don’t have to have any money at all. So the money aspect can’t be an excuse for staying unfit!

And don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own fitness routine. Even if you only spend 15 min on a cardio machine and then head home again it is a huge success!
Because otherwise you would likely have spend no time at all doing sports on that day.
Don’t enter the whole fitness world thinking that you will spend hours everyday lifting hundreds of kilos and get muscles right away. You will see results only within a time of months or years even. And don’t over exaggerate. If your body isn’t used to heavy sports you have to begin at zero and just do a few cardio exercises and maybe some stretches. This will be enough to knock you out in the beginning. I’m talking about my own experience.

But Ladies and Gentleman, the most important aspect in reaching a higher level of fitness is your nutrition. I won’t talk about this whole field of healthy nutrition as it is worth its own post.
I want to announce the exciting news that my co-author is planning on doing a lot of healthy diet related posts in the future. She is working on that right now and believe me, this matter takes up a lot of time. So please be patient. Just click on the lifestyle section in the meantime.

Please tell me in the comments below if you are a member at a fitness studio and if so, do you visit the studio regularly or is your member card only collecting dust in a corner?

Lastly, I want to wish everyone a nice New Year's Eve with your friends and family and of course have a happy new year 2018! Please stay safe and healthy.

☼ N.

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