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18 December 2017

H&M haul: Divided collection sales

The Divided collection of H&M is currently having a huge sale. I got informed about this through Instagram. I took my chance and went on a H&M shopping adventure to see if I could find something for me. There are many winter coats, jackets and warm pullovers in the sales section. I think they want to get rid of their winter items.
So, if you are on the hunt for some warmer clothing items, the H&M sales section could be an option for you. But, actually you won’t see any pullovers in my haul as I don’t wear warm, knitted pullovers. I just can’t stand the feeling of wool, fleece and similar materials on my skin. But I found some cute pieces that I can wear when the weather gets a little bit warmer. They are all quite basic and versatile for different combinations. You will see me wearing those clothes in upcoming outfits of the day (probably in the spring season) so remember to check out the fashion column!

Here are my finds:

Outdoor blazer, 15 EUR
It is a green/ khaki colour, not as grey as in the pictures.

A simple blue jeans with nice zip details, 10 EUR

A grey cardigan, loose fit and soft.

A boxy shirt with tiny stripes for 5 EUR.
☼ N. 

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