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24 December 2017

Festive holiday makeup look feat. berry lips

Hello gorgeous people!

Today I’ll show you a glamourous (glam in my interpretation) holiday look.
Of course my obligatory cat-eye wing has to take part in this look.
And I was brave enough to rock a bold lip colour! A deep berry colour it is, ladies and gentleman.
I love this scarf. It is like a blanket to go. I got it in h&m about a year ago. What you need to know about me is that I love leopard print. Especially for accessories I like to choose something that has leo print on it. Let’s see how long this obsession will last.
The sweater is from reserved. It is cropped and I already styled a whole outfit around this sweater, you can see it here.
I just love to put a peachy colour on my eyes. I think it goes well with my eye-colour.
Warmer colours make blue eyes stand out. Stay tuned for an eyeshadow special in our beauty section.
It happens that I and my co-author have very different eye colours. This is the perfect basis to explain how different eyeshadow colours accentuate the colour of the eyes.
I want to wish a very merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating!
May your homes be filled with laughter and love.
Thanks to everyone who is reading this blog regularly, it is truly appreciated!

Make-up products I've used:
essence lipstick BERRY ME HOME 02 LE
Catrice Glam & Doll Mascara 010 Black Waterproof
NYX LI01 Liquid Illuminator
H&M Beauty blush in Pale Pink
Manhattan Eyeshadow, don't know the colour. It is a peach with sparkles.
essence LE 02 Walk in the park eyebrow set
H&M beauty bronzer in Golden honey
essence eyeliner pen waterproof 01
 RIVAL DE LOOP Natural lift make-up in 01 Light beige
essence longlasting lipliner in 06 A girl's dream
essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara in 02 browny brows
essence superlast EYEBROW pomade pencil waterproof in the blonde shade (colour name faded away)
essence coral me maybe... 08 eyeshadow

That's it for this look.

☼ N.

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