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10 December 2017

Daily routine- nice drugstore lipsticks

Hey gorgeous!
This week I will show you my favourite lipsticks from the drug store that I use on a daily basis.
You may notice that the colour shades are all very similar. When it comes to everyday lipsticks I am kind of shy and I don’t like to wear vibrant and bold colours. Give me a soft pinky rose colour that is barely noticeable on the lips and I am happy. The only bold colour that I like to wear is a simple red. I know I am boring like that. Maybe in the future I will try more vibrant colours. But for now this is the colour range that I feel comfortable with.

I do like the lipsticks from essence and p2 (home brand of a big drugstore chain here in Germany). I have to say for me a huge factor of purchasing a new lipstick is the price. I use up lipsticks quite quickly and moreover I like to switch between them a lot. That’s why I don’t feel like buying lipsticks from expensive luxury brands. Sometimes I use free samples from luxury brand lip products and to be honest I don’t really see a huge difference. The wear time of low-price lipsticks isn’t long and they can smudge easily. But I honestly think that lip products in general don’t last very long on my lips. So there is no use for me in investing 30 Euros into a lipstick. I can live with re-applying my lipstick every 2-3 hours. And I think that eating and drinking can’t even be conquered by luxury brand lipsticks. If you share a different opinion please feel free to comment below.

These colours can be re-applied without a mirror which is very convenient for me. I often re-apply my lipstick on-the-go, under stress, in a moving vehicle. I can’t be bothered to take more than one minute for this business. ‘My lips but better’ colours that are barely noticeable but still make a difference is what I love to see on myself.

So, lastly I want to catch your attention if you are a makeup addict just like me.
The holiday season has started and I am sure you are open to get inspired for a suitable party look! Please stay tuned for a stunning holiday makeup look by my lovely co-author Denise!
Her makeup look will be uploaded soon. Just click on our beauty section.

The lipsticks
essence lipstick in 07 NATURAL BEAUTY.
If I had to choose I would say this is my favourite out of this selection.
It gives you that natural and healthy look. It gives the illusion of plumped up lips.

03 BFF by essence. This colour is very sheer. Similar to a lipgloss. Quite hydrating.

NYX products are on the pricey side. But the quality is what makes the price. This liquid lipstick is extremely pigmented.

p2- message in a bottle 009. This is very sheer. Doesn't last too long. More like a tinted lipbalm. 

080- tell me a tale by p2
Doesn't last too long on the lips. But fades very evenly. The perfect rosy nude.

02- BERRY ME HOME by essence
Sadly this was limited edition from a christmas range a few years ago. But the colour is highly pigmented and the lipstick itself is so smooth. It is matt. I just love it. The quality of this one is above average for an essence lipstick.

☼ N.

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