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13 December 2017

Christmas look - How to 'sleigh' on xmas!

Hey there conquerors!

Today I want to show you the Christmas look I'll be going for this year. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time to prepare this new post as December is just full of appointments and meetings for me. Therefore the post will be rather short, sorry about that.

As you can tell my hair is really simple. I decided to just use a straightening brush because I haven't done that in a while. Admittedly I have to say that I probably won't style my hair like that on Christmas because I'm just not a fan of how it looks. I guess I prefer my hair when it's braided or pinned-up as it's long, heavy, thick and just a lot. This is also the reason why I decided to use a straightening brush instead of a straightener because I think it works better with my hair type but maybe that's just me.

In regards to my outfit I kept it simple and affordable as well. Black tights for under 5€, black boots with a medium high heel for under 15€ in combination with a burgundy velvet dress for under 10€. As you can see the look is really affordable and nothing too crazy. The eyecatcher is definitely the dress especially with the sleeves which I just love. I have bought a lot of shirts and blouses with these sleeves during summer and became obsessed with these so I'm glad I finally found my first winter piece. What I love about the look is that it's not that tight so I can eat a lot on Christmas. I'm also more a dress than a skirt person because I feel that skirts never stay where they should which might be caused by my big butt but hey maybe I'm a long lost Kardashian who knows. Seriously now I think Christmas is such a nice holiday and I don't want to be bothered with putting my skirt in the right place so I go for dresses. It became a Christmas tradition for me.

For my makeup I tried not to use too many different products because I think you can create an amazing look with just a few products. I don't want to go into too much detail with the products because I plan on doing a bunch of makeup articles with a few of them. For foundation I used the hd liquid coverage foundation by Catrice cosmetics which I did a full first impression article on. My concealer is the liquid camouflage also by Catrice cosmetics. My contour and eyeshadow palettes are from Max & More. I plan on doing a full face solely with products from this particular brand. I then used my extremely affordable highlighter palette for under 3€ and my all time favourite Masterpiece mascara by Maxfactor. What I love about palettes is that you have a bunch of products and shades to use so you can go with your mood and create heaps of different looks. For my eyebrows I used the colour your gray tinted eyebrow gel which I'll review and compare in another makeup post in the next weeks. My lipstick unfortunately won't be included in my Christmas look because it didn't exactly matched my eyeshadow colour and the colour of my dress. Still need to find the right shade so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comment section down below!

Next week I'll probably post another festive look and after that a New Year's Eve look so stay tuned for that. Hope you found some inspiration and if not I hope you liked it anyway.

That's it for today beauties. Please share your Christmas look with me in the comments. Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!!

♥ D

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