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17 December 2017

Breakfast idea for the cold season

Hi there!
Ok, this breakfast isn’t the most healthy.
But you need that kind of comfort food in the dark winter. Am I right?
Basically this is a french toast with decoration but I simply wanted to inspire you and give you an idea for a delicious and filling breakfast. This is really simple to make.
You just need white bread. I cut it out into a heart shape but I don’t think you are able to tell on the picture. Well, it is the thought that counts.
You also need some eggs. It depends on how many slices of bread you are going to fry. This is a sweet breakfast so don’t add salt and pepper. Just crack the eggs and you may add a dash of milk to make the whole dish even sweeter.
Soak your bread in the cracked eggs. Put a tiny amount of oil in a pan and prepare to fry the bread, coated in eggs. I used too much oil. Be cautious!
Then fry the slices of bread. This doesn’t take long. You don’t want your bread to scorch.
When the toasts are the colour you wish just place them onto a plate and here comes the exciting part.
You can pour honey over the toasts or add nutella. Do add all kinds of fruits as well. Like bananas or red berries. I added cinnamon because I love it.
Et voilà, your sweet french toasts are served!
Enjoy your meal!
The youtuber -Chanelette- inspired me for this recipe.

Do you like it sweet or savoury for breakfast?
Comment below!

☼ N. 

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