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3 December 2017

Apps for photo editing

Hi there!
I want to share with you some of my favourite apps for the smartphone that are in constant use for me. This week I will begin with the apps that I use to edit my pictures on Instagram.
Moreover I will show you an app that I use for listening to different radio stations worldwide.
To start off I want to talk a little bit about my beloved social media platform that is Instagram.

I’ll admit it. I am an Instagram addict. It is such an esthetically pleasing social media platform. You get to inspire others with your pictures and of course you get a lot of inspirational input from the other members. Without a doubt Instagram has developed into an important business section over the past couple of years. Many people live off their 'careers' on Instagram similar to the influencers on Youtube. But is Instagram worth the hype?
For me the app is worth the hype. It is simple and informative. In our current age everything has to be quickly shared. People want constant input. And Instagram provides that.
One of my biggest hobbies is to take photographies. Instagram is easy to use. It provides a platform for me where my pictures can be viewed instantly by many people in the world. Not only can you use Instagram to get quickly into contact with others that share the same interests with you, I also use Instagram to get information on certain topics. It is like an instant blogging world. There are mini videos on makeup tutorials, instant snaps of all kinds of news and more. I would consider it to be my second favourite social media platform, after Youtube I guess. But to be honest Youtube is a platform that stands alone for itself. I don’t think one can compare Youtube to any other social media platform.
Of course with the fame come the downsides. People who exploit the platform for their own interest. Instagram is full of advertisements that are subliminal and especially the younger users are infected. But as the internet is slowly banishing the TV market it is only natural that companies have to switch to other mediums to promote their products. Instagram is no exception of the commercialisation of the world wide web.
So, these are some of my thoughts on Instagram and now I want to present to you two apps that are suitable for picture editing, not necessarily only for creating an esthetically pleasing Instagram feed but just for fun and your personal entertainment.

I really enjoy this app. You have plenty of options to edit your pictures. It offers a lot of effects and templates to create cool collages. Some of the effects you can only use when you pay for it but the free version of the app is absolutely enough for editing nice photos.

These are just sample pictures I've created. Don't judge them too hard on their aesthetic.

Well this app is basically what its name suggests. You can create all kinds of mirror-like reflections on your pictures and that is it. I just like this kind of photos.

And to finish this post off I want to quickly suggest you an app that enables you to listen to different radio stations around the world. It is called TuneIn Radio.
If you are a foreign music fan you will certainly enjoy this app. I am obsessed with it. How cool is it to be able to listen to many radio stations across the world from your home?
I have to tell you that I am very much into latino music. It just brightens my mood and I love to dance to it. If you like latino music too I can recommend to you the station: Ritmo 96. It is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

I want to ask you if you can recommend more apps for picture editing.
I am thankful for your tips.

☼ N.

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