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22 November 2017

Testing: HD liquid coverage foundation by Catrice cosmetics

Hey there beauty lovers!!

I have been in desperate need of a new foundation lately. My tan is fading away and even my L'Oréal perfect match foundation is giving up on me. Or at least the shade does. Therefore I was looking for an affordable foundation and I hate to say it but I needed a lighter shade. That really hurts to say as I love my tanned skin and especially the bronzy look of it. I know there is fake tanning but it's actually not my cup of tea as it always looks kinda blotchy on my skin. And then there is the tanning bed which I loved for a while. However a lot of people in my surroundings were really sceptical due to the potential health issues. Admittedly they convinced me. But I must say that I miss that as it always gave me a good feeling and mood. I don't really know how we ended up talking about that but nevermind.

Of course I could have just gone with a lighter shade of the L'Oréal perfect match foundation but I wanted something new. I'm kinda craving new stuff at the moment. Anyone else having that issue? Anyway. As YouTube became my best friend over the last months, a product review regarding the HD liquid coverage foundation by Catrice cosmetics was recommended to me. And OMG that foundation was exactly what I needed! So I checked out a few more reviews and then the decision was made. I found the holy grail! Yeah ... not so much.

Well, it is an amazing foundation I'd say but I was also a bit disappointed at the same time. As you can probably tell by the name it is supposed to be full coverage. So when I heard full coverage I was so pumped because I thought it might minimize my dark undereye circles as well. I know it's neither a concealer nor a corrector but that's what I thought straight away and kinda expected. As you can possibly tell after me saying that, I'm not a professional make up artist or anything like that. I'm simply a make up lover as you. So either my dark circles are just to much to handle for full coverage or full coverage simply doesn't cover that problem. And that means I still have to use concealer or in my case camouflage which is a disappointment. I'm not sure though that it is full coverage. I'd probably say the coverage is somewhere between medium and high.

The colour however is just perfect for my skin. I admittedly went for the lightest shade which is devastating let's just quickly remember my urge for tanned skin. So going for the shade light beige was a though decision. But a good one though. One more thing regarding the colour is the fact that they only have four shades available. That is insane! The chance that you find the perfect shade for you is therefore really small.

The texture of the foundation is nice and light. You can also easily build it up. On the bottle it says that the foundation lasts up to 24 hours which I totally do not believe but it is extremely long-lasting for sure. I have worn the foundation for about 10 hours and it still looked stunning without any touch ups. I'll keep on using it and update you how long-lasting it really is.

I do like the fact that the foundation comes with a dropper as it is hygenic and easy to apply. The foundation is mattifying which is usually a good thing for oily skin. However I'm experiecing dry skin due to the winterly weather and I kinda get the feeling that it makes my skin look even drier. So if you tend to have dry skin I probably wouldn't recommend using it but it's ideal for oily skin.

I am torn between liking it a lot and liking it not so much. But only because of the fact that Catrice might promised too much. What I can definitely say is that it is one of the best foundations I have tried so far. It covers blemishes and breakouts really well. It looks nice on the skin and works perfectly with other products. It's so a good drugstore product for such a good price. The only downside is that the foundation is in my eyes only suitable for oily skin and the lack of shades which is such a shame. I'm so sorry that I didn't manage to take photos of me wearing the foundation but life is so busy right now. I promise there will come a few!!

That's it for today beauties. Please share your favourite foundations with me down in the comment section below. I'm actually thinking about trying a new concealer as well. Any suggestions? Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!!

♥ D

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