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5 November 2017

Tested: h&m beauty

Hey there!
I’ve never tried h&m makeup before but as I was browsing through the sales section in the online shop of h&m (as per usual) I’ve encountered that they were having a big sale on the beauty products.
Normally I am not really into beauty products of fashion chains. I don’t know if they just buy the products from other cheap beauty brands and put them into their own packaging under their label. Selling it for a higher price. I just don't know if this is the case. In general I thought that the quality can’t be very good. I mean those brands are famous for their fashion and not their makeup. However, I thought I could give the products a try as many of them were 50% off. I think that they are very overpriced. They are in the same price range as L'Oréal makeup.
The packaging is classy and simple from the outside but as soon as I had the products in my hands I felt that the packaging is very thin plastic that can break easily.
I like that there are mini mirrors in some products. That is just very handy. The products haven’t got any scent to them.

I got 4 different products from h&m beauty. A foundation powder, blush, bronzer and a highlighter.

Alabaster immaculate compact foundation/ h&m

So what are my first impressions of these products?
I have to say that I am not impressed. Not at all.
The colour of the foundation suits me well. It is the lightest colour that was available in the online shop, maybe it is the lightest colour they produce.
But the thing is, I thought it would be a foundation. Like a cream to powder foundation. Something along that line. But it is a simple powder. It is not what I thought it would be. As a powder it is standard.
Doesn't impress me too much. I am just happy that the colour suits me. The powder is very dry on my skin therefore I wouldn't recommend it if you have that skin type. I saw every dry patch on my skin when I had this powder on. Maybe if you have very oily skin this could be a suitable powder for you. The coverage is medium. If you apply more than one layer it can cover up some imperfections but the problem is that it is too dry for layering.

Halo illuminiser glorious shimmer frosted rose/ h&m

The colour of the highlighter isn’t the prettiest. When you first apply it on your hand it looks very purple. It just looks fake and when you apply it on your face everybody can see that you have highlighter on. It is the bamm in your face kind of highlighter.
I like highlighters that have a modest glow. But if you apply this highlighter you can’t fool anyone by telling them it is your natural glow.
You will be seen from space. Okay this is an exaggeration but the highlighter looks very artificial on the skin. You can blend it so it looks more natural but somehow when you try to blend it the product vanishes a lot. It just sticks on your blending brush. I feel that you have only two options with this highlighter: either you can glow like a glitter ball (the unblended way) or you don't see any glow at all (when blended). I still have to find out the best blending method for this highlighter.

Pale pink pure radiance powder blusher/ h&m

The blush is my personal favourite out of the 4 products that I have tested.
The colour is very neutral and luckily it does suit my pale skin. It is a very sheer pink colour. The pigmentation is low but I like that in a blush. Sometimes I go overboard when applying a blush so a sheer product allows me to play on the safe side. It looks natural even when you apply a heavier amount of it on your skin. The shade doesn't look as pink on the skin. It blends into a rose colour.

Golden honey solar flair bronzing powder/ h&m

The bronzer is a fail for me. I don't like the colour at all. I think it was the only colour available online. It is very orange. A mixture between yellow and orange. Okay the name suggests it but I secretly hoped it would be not that orange. It doesn’t suit my complexion at all. I will try to use it up, though. Hopefully, if I apply only a tiny amount of the bronzer it could look decent on my skin. The pigmentation is high. There are no shimmer pigments in the products, with the exception of the highlighter of course.

These were the h&m beauty products I tested. I tried to do an everyday makeup look using some of my favourite products which I use on a daily basis combined with the new h&m products.

Shirt is from h&m (appropriate, right?)

What I've used:

Products I have used other than the h&m products:

essence lipstick 03 bff
essence lipliner 06 a girl's dream
essence lipgloss unknown colour, simple red

p2 mascara 010 super black
essence superfine eyeliner pen 01 deep black
essence eyebrow pomade pencil 10 blonde
manhattan concealer 001 naturelle


The look:

Highlighter in artficial lighting

As you may see in the pictures, the bronzer is very pigmented and the orange colour is very vibrant. It doesn't harmonize with my pale skin. Maybe in summer when I am a little more tanned it would look better. You only need the tiniest amount of the highlighter to see an effect. The shimmer pigments are bulky. I applied a little bit of the highlighter on my upper lip and I liked the effect.
I mixed the rouge with the bronzer to neutralize the bronzer a bit and the outcome was an orange like red.

All in all I can say that I will somehow try to use these products regularly but as soon as they are finished I won’t re-buy them. I don’t think I will buy any more products from h&m beauty. They are okay, quality wise. They are as good as the cheapest brands in the drugstore. But for this quality they are simply overpriced! I bought them in the sale and still they were about 4 EUR per product. I think that you are paying for the name. H&M is famous for their trendy fashion pieces and that's it. Personally I don't think that they could establish themselves in the highly contested drugstore/high-end makeup world with products of a standard quality and above average prices.

Have you tried out products from h&m beauty? Are you satisfied with them?
Please leave suggestions in the comments which makeup brand I should test next!

☼ N.


  1. I love the H&M packaging, such a sucker for cute makeup! xo

    1. I just realized it is you Lilia!
      Thank you very much for your comment, I adore your youtube channel! You are a huge inspiration to me. I always watch your study with me videos or day in the life of a law student to motivate my lazy bum for studying! You are esthetic goals!
      XOXO Nat (I have a new google account but this is actually my own article)