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1 November 2017

Product review – skin care and make up

Hey there beauty lovers, lately I discovered a few new products that I currently use which I want to share with you (this is NOT sponsored nor an ad, it’s simply my opinion). Let’s start with my new skin care products. 

Cleansing tonic - Alvira

I am a total tonic girl and I’m not talking about gin tonic but rather cleansing tonics. As probably many of you I have oily skin that often drives me nuts. Therefore I use a cleansing tonic twice a day, in the morning to prepare my skin for my make up and in the evening to remove it again. I have to admit that I tend to go for lower-priced products, not only regarding skin care but basically any product as I’m a student on a low budget and life is kind of expensive. However I also want high quality which sometimes is a bit of an issue. Hence I often look for products a bit longer in order to find what I need. My slogan is: high quality for low prices. But back to my new cleansing tonic which is unlike any other I have used before. I’m totally in love with the tonic from Alvira and I feel like it does not only purify my skin but also reduces pimples and other skin irritations. I’m using it for a week now and my skin has honestly never been so soft since I was a child. The smell is so fresh and reminds me of sun screen which I really like. One more big advantage is that the cleansing tonic is not sticky. The ones I used before left some sort of sticky layer on my skin if you know what I mean and that’s probably also why my skin got oily again really soon. But the Alvira cleansing tonic prevents my skin from getting oily for at least 10 hours! Therefore I definitely want to continue using this cleansing tonic!!

Charcoal facial mask

The next new skin care product is a charcoal facial mask.
I was really excited about testing this product because you can find charcoal in so many beauty products at the moment that it’s hard to miss this trend. So let’s see if charcoal is worth the hype. My expectations were actually not that high as it’s again a low-priced product and I only wanted to get rid of some skin blemishes such as blackheads. I only got this recently so I just tested it once. The consistency is really great and the product is easy to apply with the spatula which comes with the product. The mask feels a bit cold on the skin but in a refreshing way. I let the mask dry on my skin for about 15 minutes. In that time it starts to harden so when I moved my face I definitely felt the tension. When removing the mask it really hurt and my skin was kind of red for quite a while. After removing it my skin felt somehow tightened. The results are not totally convincing but like I said I only used it once. Maybe if you use it more often you achieve better results. However I’d probably say that I can see a difference on my skin. I can spot less blackheads for sure.

Lipstick designed by Dawid Tomaszewski - Catrice

I also got three new make up products such as a new dark matt lipstick from Catrice which was designed by Dawid Tomaszewski. The colour is called ‘Unconventional Violet‘ and it’s extremely dark as you can tell from the photos. I’m really a fan of the colour and texture of the lipstick. However I do think that the pigmentation is not really as good as I expected it to be. Therefore it lacks on achieving a full coverage on my lips and being long-lasting which results in using a lot of the product. As you can tell I’m not totally satisfied with the product but then again it’s not a colour you would use on a daily basis so I’d say it’s okay. But for sure not something you need.

Magic Brow Boost - Eyeko

That leads me to a product you actually do need which is the Magic Brow Boost from Eyeko in the colour dark. This is actually a product which I would consider as pricy but I found it at Tkmaxx for a really low price. The product is available in three different shades so you will definitely find the perfect one for you. I’m literally obsessed with the product for quite a while now. It’s insane. I love dark and thick brows which I thought I already had until this product taught me better. I honestly can’t go outside without it anymore. What I really like is that it doesn’t look painted as you apply little fibres which just fill in your gaps and that looks so natural that I would consider it as a perfect brow product. It doesn’t only define your brow but also boosts it for a natural look. I highly recommend the Magic Brow Boost from Eyeko!!

Eyeshadow - Mary Kay

The last product I tested for you guys is a baked eyeshadow by Mary Kay in the colour Earth Bound but the product actually contains three different colours which makes it kind of a small eyeshadow palette. I love the choice of colours. They really go amazing together but are also individually an eye catcher. The eyeshadow is easy to apply and you don’t need to use a lot of the product. The pigmentation is incredible and the product lasted on my eyes forever. I own this product for a while now but haven't used it before so I actually don’t know if the product is still available but you should definitely check it out.

These were the new products I recently got. I hope you liked my review and maybe found some new products which you would like to test. Tell me in the comments below which products you want me to test next!!

♥ D

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