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12 November 2017

Outfit of the day- Lady in red

Hey there!

Red is the colour of this season!
Burgundy, wine-red, bright pinkish-red…
Red comes in so many variations, the choice seems to be endless.

You will see it everywhere, on coats, bags, shoes or jumpers.
I love this colour. I think it is such a vibrant colour that brings a little vividness into this grey and dark season. But because red is a colour that has to shine on its own I recommend that you pair it with neutral colours. I chose to wear my beloved burgundy coat from Zara that I got ages ago. Underneath I’m wearing a bright red jumper that I got in Reserved about a year ago. You will find similar red jumpers in nearly every fashion store at the moment I think. It is a little bit cropped so it's not very suitable for the colder season. But I was wearing it with a super high waisted jeans from h&m (this season) to compensate the cropped cut of the jumper. Still I was freezing. But for the sake of the photos I kept my cool (obligatory play on words checked).

I really do believe that when you are wearing bright vibrant colours, especially in the winter time it is affecting your mood in a positive way. I already have mentioned it in a makeup related post that red does suit everyone. Not only can you wear the red colour on your lips (the classic way), you can as well just wear it as a statement piece in your outfit. I know it does require a little bit of confidence to wear a bright red colour but compliments will be on your side for sure. People just won’t be able to not notice you. But be careful not to overuse colour in your outfit. One vibrant colour like red or orange is absolutely enough.

As for accessories I chose to pair my red outfit with grey faux suede high heeled ankle boots from deichmann and a grey Michael Kors shoulder bag. I like dainty jewellery as you may see. Although red is a warm colour I personally find it suitable for gold or silver jewellery.

Currently I am on the hunt for a winter coat that keeps me warm during rainy and snowy days. I think that Zara has some beautiful pieces in stock.
But I wanted to ask you if you have any recommendations for a nice high quality winter coat that is available at the moment. Please feel free to leave your must-have winter coat suggestions below in the comment section. I am thankful for your recommendations!

If you are feeling cold dwell on warm thoughts :)

☼ N.

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