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26 November 2017

My favourite fragrances

Hello beauties of the internet!

This week I decided to share my favourite perfumes I got in my lovely collection.
I decided to present to you 5 very different scents that I switch on depending on my mood and the time of the year.

All the details on the perfumes (like the main accords and notes) I have obtained from the webpage
I highly recommend this page for all the perfume lovers that are interested in detailed information on popular scents!

Let's begin!

Number 1. Escada Born in Paradise Eau de Toilette
main accords: fruity, coconut, sweet, tropical, aquatic
top notes: green apple, watermelon, guava
middle notes: coconut milk, pineapple
base notes: sandal wood, cedar, musk

This perfume is summer in a bottle. It smells so warm, so tropical. People who know me do know that I am coconut obsessed. For example I use coconut oil for everything: I moisturize my body with it. I apply coconut oil on the dry ends of my hair to make them smoother and obviously you can cook with it to add a sweet nutty flavour to your dishes.
You have to love the scent of coconut to be able to stand this perfume as the smell of coconuts is very overpowering in this one. I have the feeling that it can get on my nerves when I use it too often. It is a scent that I only wear a few times in the summer. It is definitely not an everyday scent for me!
But every time I smell it my thoughts just wander into passed summers…

Lipstick by p2/ beauty blues waterfall lipstick in 010, necklace by h&m, ISANA hand cream with coconut scent

Number 2. Jo Malone London Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne
main accords: fruity, sweet, green, powdery, fresh
top notes: green notes, black currant, petit grain
middle notes: nectarine, black locust
base notes: vetiver, peach, plum

I’ve had this perfume for a few years now. So many memories are connected with this one. It is such an everyday scent. You can’t compare the scent intensity to an ordinary perfume. Colognes have a weaker scent. But at times I just can’t stand heavy perfumes on my skin and on these days I reach to colognes or body sprays. I don’t know if you are familiar with the concept of Jo Malone but the description of the scents is exactly what you get. They produce very natural scents. I once tested a scent of this company called ‘Orange Blossom’ and it smelled exactly like squished orange blossom petals. So of course this number just smells like the blossoms of mandarines, very fruity/ floral. The honey gives it a bit of sweetness. It is a cologne so don’t expect it to last very long on your body. The scents of Jo Malone are meant to be combined with other perfumes or other scents from the Jo Malone range. On their own they are very weak. But I love the brand of Jo Malone. Their products are made with natural and high quality ingredients.

essence the gel nail polish in 35 engaged, earrings can't remember

Number 3. Dolce&Gabbana Intense Eau de Parfum
main accords: sweet, white floral, powdery, citrus, woody
top notes: green mandarin, neroli
middle notes: orange blossom, tuberose
base notes: sandalwood, marshmallow

This scent is pure seduction! It is the kind of perfume that will get you all the attention when you are wearing it. The problem is, in my daily life I don’t particularly want to smell that seductive. That is the reason why I don’t wear this perfume often. I guess it can only be worn on a few occasions. When you are meeting a special person for example. One can say this perfume is in fact intense. It gives you intense feelings when you are smelling it, believe my words. Oh boy, the italians know how to play with temptation. I wouldn’t recommend this scent to younger girls. Moreover in my opinion it isn’t suitable as an everyday scent.

Lancôme lipstick in L'Absolu Rouge 132 cream, chocker by forever 21, yes I included chocolate in this picture as for me chocolate is quite a seduction...

Number 4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum
main accords: ozonic, white floral, powdery, aquatic, citrus
top notes: violet leaf, blood grapefruit, strawberry
middle notes: gardenia, violet, jasmine
base notes: musk, white woods, vanilla

This is a scent for younger women. Day-to-day scent appropriate. It is very fresh and I used to adore it. However in the last months I started to dislike it for any unknown reason. It is a very nice scent. I can’t say anything bad about it. The wearing time of this one is outstanding. One spray will last you for a day for sure. I guess I just wore it too often in the last years so now I am a little sick of it. It is quite citrusy so you do have to love citrus scents or else this perfume will be a fail for you. Still it is included in my favourites because it used to be my signature scent and maybe after a little 'Daisy' break I will fall in love with it once again.

ring by I AM, lipgloss by essence

Number 5. KENZO L'Élixir Flower by Kenzo Eau de Parfum
main accords: sweet, powdery, vanilla, fruity, rose, citrus
top notes: mandarin orange, raspberry
middle notes: bulgarian rose, orange blossom
base notes: praline, powdery notes, bourbon vanilla

So this has to be my favourite scent out of the five, though I love all of them. But I would even describe this number as my signature scent. It is a sweet scent but doesn’t give you a headache like some sweet perfumes tend to do. It is a scent for younger women I suppose because it has this element of sweet candy scent. I think this scent can suit a lot of women. It is very subtle and mixes with your individual scent into something unique. Perfume smells different on each person and I do think that this scent simply underlines your personal scent and doesn’t cover it too much.

 lipstick by p2 full matte lipstick in 140 match my ambition

I can summarize my perfume picks as following: Sweet like vanilla, citrusy fresh and fruity like red berries. I guess I am more drawn to fresher scents. The heavy, seductive scents tend to get on my nerves very easily after a few uses and sometimes I can even get headache of a strong scent or feel dizzy. I just love the scent of fruits like peaches, mandarines or red fruits in general. And I am a fan of warm scents like vanilla. I guess the powdery aspect in those scents gives it a delicate feminine touch. White floral seems to be included in my perfumes of choices very often. And I can confirm that I am obsessed with scents like Jasmine or Orange blossom. If I were to have an own garden I would plant Jasmine plants everywhere and go crazy over the marvellous smell they’ll produce. And I would plant all kinds of citrus fruits. Guess I have to move to a warmer place for that plan but time will tell!

Please comment your personal favourite perfume at the moment!
I am very curious to hear about that.

☼ N.

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