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19 November 2017

Munich and surroundings

Hey there gorgeous people!

In summer 2016 I’ve spent a few days in Bavaria with my parents.
I want to share a few impressions and pictures with you. We went with a travel agency so we did the mainstream tourism program in Munich and surroundings. We had a guided city tour in Munich and visited some of the must-see places. I didn’t understand all of the stuff our guide has told us about the history of Munich because the guidance was in Russian. But let me tell you Munich and Bavaria as such have a very bright and long history. I expected Munich to be a beautiful traditionally Bavarian city and I wasn’t disappointed. Old German architecture and cultural monuments are to be found in every corner of the city. There are many museums you can visit if you have the time and money to do so. The Bavarians are warm-hearted people. And the dialect of the Bavarians is just so cute. Maybe some will hate me for describing it that way but the Bavarian dialect just sounds like the kind of german children talk like.

Munich and their Bavarian beer
Yes, beer gets to have an own paragraph. Believe me when I say that I hate alcohol. I just hate the taste of it. It tastes like some gone bad medicine (at least I imagine it to taste similar). And one alcoholic beverage that I could barf from just smelling is beer. I hate beer. The taste, the smell and even the colour. But guys, my parents have ordered two massive pints of beer for themselves when we were in a restaurant in Munich and I was just curious to try authentic traditional Bavarian beer as it is so hyped in the world. And let me tell you, though I am a beer newbie in general I can confirm that Bavarian beer tastes very smooth. In comparison to the few beers I have tasted yet. I can’t really describe the taste of it properly. I am not obliged to give reviews on beer but I just found it to taste fresh and a little floral.

The point I want to address next is the food in Bavaria. If you love good old German food (Hausmannskost) you will find your personal heaven there. Because my mother mainly cooks Russian dishes at home I am really lacking eating good traditional German food. When in Bavaria you must visit some traditional restaurants and don’t count the calories on the food. Traditional German food has to be rich in calories. It’s worth it.

Bavarian nature is beautiful. I can’t describe it with another adjective. I always imagine princesses like Rapunzel or sleeping beauty would have lived in such an area. Green grass, little flowers on the hillsides and some tiny cascades are to be found in the forests of Bavaria. It is a paradise for nature seekers.
And if you are more into going on a shopping trip and visiting cultural monuments you will find satisfaction in the city of Munich.

Schloss Neuschwanstein
To see the legendary castle Neuschwanstein triggered the most excitement in me.
The ‘Schloss Neuschwanstein’ was a sight of Germany I really wished to visit and luckily this dream came true. You have to drive a little bit from Munich to the castle Neuschwanstein but it isn’t that far away. The castle itself isn’t as big as I have imagined it to be but nevertheless it is beautiful.
It is located on the hills. The view from the castle is outstanding. We had to take a bus that took us up to the castle. There is a possibility to walk up to the castle but the way is very steep. However, I found the bus drive to be very frightening. There were steep mountain sides that weren’t secured with a fence or something and when you looked through the windows of the bus it seemed that there were only inches between you and the hillside. The bus was overcrowded and the driver of the bus seemed to not know what a brake is. It wasn’t fun. But certainly it was better to go by bus than to walk the whole way up to the castle. The way back to the valley is enjoyable. We walked the passage back down. Obviously walking downwards isn’t as exhaustible.

You have to take reservations for the tickets that grant access to the castle in advance. I am not sure but I think that you can’t just go there and buy tickets to enter the castle the same day. In our case it had to be done months in advance. The tourism agency has organized those matters for us. But keep that in mind when planning to visit the castle.

The whole area of the castle was crowded. There were masses of tourists and although we had reserved the tickets in advance we had to wait in front of the castle for one hour I believe until we were granted entrance to the inner halls of the castle. There was an audio guide. You could choose from a lot of languages. Of course it is prohibited to take photos inside the castle. Believe me, it was very impressive. There are paintings and golden coated furnishing everywhere. Go pay the inner halls of the castle a visit. The whole history of the castle itself is interesting as well. You will be informed about everything on the tour. I guess every girl has imagined herself being a princess when she grows up at least once in her childhood. And to visit a castle where true aristocrats have once been walking through the halls is so out of reality. But noblemen were normal people at heart. I guess they were the celebrities of the olden days and I already wrote about celebrity culture and my opinion on that in a previous article. If you are interested I will link it here.

When walking back down to the valley we found a nice looking restaurant. We were surprised that the prices were reasonable although we were in such a touristic place. There is a picture of the food we ordered down below.

Of course pictures can’t catch the true beauty of the scenario they are focused on but I hope the following pictures will give you an impression of Munich and the castle Neuschwanstein. It may spark a tiny urge in you to visit the beautiful land of Bavaria!

Did you ever visit a castle?

The castle Neuschwanstein
Yes, there was a lake with swans. So cliché. So lovely. The lake is located in the valley of the castle.

You can see in this picture that there is a tiny castle located near the main castle Neuschwanstein (The orange one)

I guess aristocrats of a lower social status used to reside in that tiny castle. This is the view when you have climbed the hill where the castle is located.

Inside the entrance of the castle Neuschwanstein

Can you spot the little bridge?
Traditional bavarian food (ordered in a restaurant near Castle Neuschwanstein)

 Typical bavarian village

Lots of handmade souvenirs

The city of Munich

Such a beautiful chandelier
There are a lot of souvenir shops in Munich where you can buy bavarian handmade goodies

Another tiny castle in the area of Munich we have visited is palace Nymphenburg

The palace reminded me a lot of Versailles in Paris

That's it for today guys!

☼ N.

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