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15 November 2017

Jewellery - My all time faves

I love it. All of it. The way it completes a look. The way it completes my soul. The way it sends out a message to other people by drawing attention or by creating a reserved atmosphere. I find that jewellery is so much more than a simple accessory. It can tell a story or give away characteristics of a person. My jewellery does that. All of it.

Watch by Jette Joop

My current jewellery favourites are all somehow connected to Australia. Either why I bought these pieces there or because I got them as a present for my graduation as it is the case with my watch by Jette Joop which I got from my mum.  The watch is completely black. But whereas the bracelet is quite simple, the dial-plate is covered with black gemstones. I really like the design of this watch. Of course a watch is primarily a practical tool but especially this one can be seen as a fashion statement. The watch has a classic design but it’s also stylish at the same time. I usually wear a lot of jewellery and if I had to pick only one piece, I’d wear a watch. It’s such a classic accessory and should definitely be an everyday jewellery piece to wear.  

Paua Shell tree of life pendant

My Paua Shell tree of life pendant is definitely one of my faves since I got it. It’s 925 sterling silver which is really important to me because I just love wearing jewellery and I don’t want it to look gross after wearing it often which is why I don’t usually wear trinket. The thing with trinket is that it’s tarnishing or oxidising whatever you want to call it. It simply changes the colour after wearing it a lot and I think that it looks really nasty. Therefore I try only to buy sterling silver and sometimes stainless steel. So I was extremely excited when I found this little gem at a small shop in Surfers Paradise. Everything is handmade and the prices are reasonable so if you want to check the jewellery out I leave the website right here ( I kinda became a huge fan of the tree of life and when I saw the design of the pendant I wanted one straight away. However I was actually going to buy the pendant with the mother of pearl in the background but then I was so fascinated by the stunning colours of the Paua Shell that I went for this one. And I’m so glad that I did this. The pendant is an absolute eyecatcher due to its size. To give it an even more dramatic look I like to combine it with a long and strong necklace.

Australia necklace

Another gem in my collection is my Australia necklace. As you can see it’s in the shape of Australia and you can even see the borders of the different states which is so sweet. There is just so much detail about this pendant. I love the fact that even Tasmania is included although it’s not part of the mainland which was probably not that easy to design. I don’t know how often I have already worn this it’s just too cute not to wear it. I like to combine it with a delicate necklace as the pendant is not too big. It’s simply great for every day. Another thing I love about this pendant is the fact that I got it from an antique shop and we all know my obsession for second hand.

Koala brooch by Swarovski

Another piece I got at the same store is this adorable koala brooch by Swarovski. And believe it or not but I only paid 10 bugs for this. Legit right? However the first thing I thought was that a brooch is not really a thing anymore. But my vintage heart and my old school soul were saying that this was even one more reason to buy it. And I mean you also can’t go wrong with Swarovski right? Especially when you consider the price. I’d say the brooch is quite big. Again with cute little details such as the Swarovski swan logo and the crystals. Oh and of course this sweet face that’s staring back at you. I simply love it.

Shell choker

Last but not least my beloved shell choker. There is not really much to say. It's basically a DIY. You take a choker and a shell and there you have it. And let’s be real here, we all do it. It’s something you do as a child when you are on holiday or when you grew up near the beach.  You play there and walk it up and down to collect shells. I mean how can you resist? Living close to the beach and walking there every now and then simply forces you to collect shells. I have seen heaps of beautiful broken shells just laying around. It was like the ocean didn’t want them anymore so I decided to give a few of them a new home around my neck.

That's it for today beauties. Please share your favourite jewellery pieces with me down in the comment section below. Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!!

♥ D

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