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15 October 2017

When the leaves start falling - The autumn look 2017

I don't know if you have noticed but it's getting colder outside. I already had to wear my winter coat in September. That made me very sad. The autumnal season came too fast for me to comprehend. I have to tell you: I am a total summer girl.
I love the simplicity of summer outfits. But I have to admit that being able to wear ankle boots again helped me bear with the thought that the cold, dark season is knocking on the door. 
My favourite colour for this season is definitely burgundy. It does suit all skin/hair colours. You can style it casually but also very chic. It is a sensual colour and has a level of sexiness in it. 
Another colour that I quite like is khaki. I think it looks great on blondes. It is a neutral colour and doesn't arouse too much attention in an outfit but still I think it is a much more interesting colour than beige or grey. 

As for makeup I prefer golden colours in the autumn season. As well as simple nude-like shades and brown colours. Ok, nude shades are an all year favourite of mine. 
And the lips have to be a berry or a simple red colour for me. Red lips will definitely never be out of style. 
There are affordable red lipsticks in every makeup store. I am sure if you search hard enough you can find the perfect red shape that does suit your skin colour.

I styled three outfits and combined them with a bronzy makeup and simple loose hair. 
As you will see most of my makeup products are from the drugstore, if you are on a low budget you can still afford those.

 The makeup I used for this look:       

They were limited edition, unfortunately

I used this eyeshadow as a blush

Sorry the name isn't on the product anymore, it is just a simple plumping nude lipgloss from Catrice.

Hair and makeup
My friend did my hair with a contour crimper

Outfit no.1

 This look is a little bit more elegant.
The jeans are from h&m.
My bag is from c&a Germany.
Shoes are from ASOS, don't know the brand but you can just use simple black ankle boots with a heel.
The vest is from orsay.
The powder pink blouse is from primark

Outfit no.2

I call this outfit casual chic.
Jeans is from mango.
My shoes are no name.
The bag is from h&m.
The pullover is from h&m aswell.
The jacket is from mango.

Outfit no.3

This outfit is wearable in your casual day-to-day life. I am so in love with tights, they are so much more comfortable than jeans. Autumn is the perfect season for tights combined with knitwear dresses.
The jeans vest is from primark, I attached the white lace details myself.
Dress is from pull & bear ( I love this shop).
Tights are from hema I think.
The bag is from Michael Kors.

These are my autumn outfits that I probably am going to wear a lot.
Probably in variations, with a lot more combinations.
What do you like about autumn?

 ☼ N.

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