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29 October 2017

What's in my bag? (university edition)

Hello guys!
Uni has just started for me this semester and it inspired me to share with you all the stuff I carry with me when I go to a lecture. I learned to reduce everything to the bare essentials.
There is no fancy stuff inside because Uni isn't really a catwalk. I commute so I don't want to carry half of my home with me while travelling in between cities.
I like to switch bags a lot and currently I am using a big shopping tote for Uni. But on days where I have to take my laptop with me I use a backpack.

I recently got this bag via zalando. It is from New Look. It is current season.
I really like the colour combination. The nude colour goes with a lot of my wardrobe. Black and grey are just very neutral colours that go with nearly everything. It has two zippers on the sides to widen the bag if necessary. There is a pouch attached to the bag in which I carry the more important stuff as the bag itself hasn't got a zipper closure.
Let's take a look inside!

1. Water bottle
Always make sure to stay hydrated. Your brain needs liquids to function. Without water a long day at Uni can be really unpleasant. And remember to bring snacks too because the food in the canteen isn't always tasty.

2. Protection Spray
Hopefully I never have to use it but I feel a little safer with it.

3. Keys
I love to hang all kinds of cute and bulky key chains on my keys to find it faster in my bag.

4. Stationery
When I go to a lecture I always take the printed version of the script with me to make notes regarding each slide. Sometimes I also need to take books to Uni but this black book is just a novel that I'm reading for my private pleasure.

5. Mobile phone
Obligatory in today's age.

6. Cosmetics pouch
Detailed information on what is inside is down below.

7. Pencil case
I always have headphones with me as I commute to Uni and a 40 Minute train ride is so much more bearable if you can listen to some music while on the train. You don't want to listen to the tons of people, especially in the morning.
Included in my pencil case is often my charging cable of my I phone. The battery life of my phone is actually very weak as I already had this phone for a few years now.
Moreover I always carry a usb stick in my pencil case because when you have to save files from the computers in Uni the easiest way to save them is on your usb drive. Sometimes I also carry a calculator with me when I am having classes with financial topics but that isn’t the case every day.
And of course I loaded it with all sorts of colourful pencils to highlight important stuff.

8. Wallet
Essential. If you are wondering this wallet is from the German brand Liebeskind Berlin.
It is quite old already but still in a perfect condition.

Shall we take a closer look into my essentials/cosmetics pouch?
Every woman needs to carry a little safety kit with her at all times.
You won't see a lot of makeup in here as I only put on makeup in the morning at home. On the go I rarely do touch ups.

1. Compact mirror
Self explanatory, right?

2. & 5. Perfume
I love those tiny perfume bottles. So great for on the go if you don't want to carry your big perfume bottle along with you. I often have samples in my bag just to play around with.

3. Hand sanitizer 
When I travel to uni I have to take busses and the train. I am faced with a lot of people. Also the Uni itself is visited by masses of students. When I haven't got the chance to wash my hands I use this sanitizer. But don't overuse it.

4. Lip balm
I tend to have dry lips especially during winter time. A nice smelling lip balm brightens my mood.

6. Hand balm 
Ok, I am obsessed with lip balm and hand balm. Bare with me. I like to carry tiny samples to avoid  overpacking my bag.

7. Hair tie
Just in case.

8. Plaster
Also, just in case.

9. Lipstick
My favourite beauty product is lipstick. I have too many of them. I tend to switch them nearly every day. I like to wear the kind of 'my lips but better' colour. You don't have to be too precise when applying them on the go. It makes life much easier.

10. Tissues

11. Tiger balm
This is such a good balm to massage into your temples when you have a headache to relief your muscles a bit.

So that is it. Nothing too spectacular to be found in this bag.
I am more of a minimalist when it comes to on the go packing. In the near future I will surely do a how to pack a suitcase for a holiday type of post.

Feel free to leave your suggestions/ wishes for my next posts in the comments below.

☼ N.

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