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22 October 2017

My beauty inspiration - Candice

Let me introduce you to my beauty muse Candice Swanepoel.
She is the epitome of beauty for me.
I haven’t met her but I really feel some kind of connection with her. The character she shows in interviews reminds me of my own. She is shy but I bet a little freaky when she is around with her friends. I can tell that from her Instagram posts. I can relate to that, I am shy at first and I do need a lot of time to get warm with someone but I am definitely not boring when I show my true self.

Back to Candice:
She was born in South Africa and has dutch roots. The Netherlands are our neighbour and I have to admit that dutch people are very beautiful and stylish. We visit the Netherlands regularly to go to the fish markets so I get the chance to look at the inhabitants. Their fashion sense is just effortlessly chic and modern.
Candice grew up in a remote environment living on a dairy farm throughout her childhood. Now as an adult she is very aware of protecting the nature and wildlife. She said that compared to her life now, her calm childhood seems like a dream to her. It does impress me how she is constantly supporting projects that are against animal abuse and the destruction of nature.
Currently she is living in New York due to her modeling career but when she gets a few days off she spends her free time in Brazil with her partner and his family.
She is into latin guys and I can relate :) She loves the vibe of Brazil. The relaxing lifestyle the people are living by helps her calm down from celebrity culture. In Brazil no one recognizes her on the streets. She can be herself there.

She was one of my triggers to finally sign up in a fitness studio to take more care of my body and health. She used to do ballet. I have little experience in ballet as I was taking classes at Uni and it was so fun (and absolutely exhausting). She inspired me in so many aspects.
I wish I would look a bit more like her (#mybodygoals). I know this sounds very superficial but if I’m feeling too lazy to go to the fitness studio I'll look up pictures of her and boom the motivation strikes me like a thunder. Thank you for that Candice! One can see that she is taking good care of her body. Sometimes she posts what she is eating and it is always healthy snacks. Nutrition is the most important aspect when it comes to a healthy body, exercise comes second.

In an interview she said that she worked her ass of to get to where she is now.
The modeling world is a hard industry and oftentimes she felt quite lonely. Her parents helped her through the hard times and always supported her.
She is an example of a girl boss who achieved living her personal dream. She inspires me to believe in myself and to set myself higher goals in life. Work hard, play hard ladies and gentlemen.

When she isn’t working she likes to wear no makeup and also her leisure fashion style is absolutely casual and effortless. I can relate to that. I hate wearing uncomfortable clothes in my everyday life.
But if there is a special occasion I want to look good for I love dressing me up. It's a girly thing.
I used to look up street style photos of her to get inspired for my outfit choices.
Her and I, we love to wear clothes that are comfortable on the one hand but on the other hand are quite figure hugging. I'll admit it. I am not into loose fitting clothing. I often get inspired by the makeup looks she is wearing on public events. She likes to highlight her eyes in a cat-like shape. When I am wearing heavier makeup I always wear black eyeliner. I do a cat-like flick at the end of my eyelid to elongate it.

Candice is the real life incarnation of a fairytale mermaid. I mean how couldn't you possible believe in mermaids if there are creatures like Candice Swanepoel wandering up and down the most beautiful beaches, being human by day and (maybe) mermaid by night. I think she's keeping it a secret.
Joke aside, Candice is such a beach girl. All of her favourite vacations she is spending at the beach and my personal goal is to visit the sea at least once in a year. It doesn't always work out.
The sea heals me. I can't describe how it does that, it is just a fact. I can spend hours looking at the waves and be fully entertained.

So as you can see from my post Candice really is a huge inspiration in my life and I am sure you too have some people that inspire you in a way.
There are a lot of well-known people that inspire me in all aspects of my life.
But I think the first and biggest inspiration that all of us have are our close family members.
While growing up we change our role-models, according to the different stages of life we are currently living in. But our parents, siblings and other close family members will always be an inspiration for us throughout the years.

It is the internet that finally gave us access to the life of a lot of people. Mainly stangers.
We as human beings are naturally very nosy. We have to keep in mind that it is just a glimpse of the actual lives that the people of the internet are sharing with us. It isn't the whole truth. But in all honesty do we want to know every tiny detail of the lifes of other people? Do we want to know all the not so appealing aspects of other people's life? I don't think so. We work with the little information that is offered to us and fill out the gaps with our own fantasy. It's like painting a picture. Sometimes it is hard to believe that some celebrities are normal people. But they are. No exception to be found. They have feelings. They feel upset. They are like us.

I believe that all of us need heroes in our life. We always make sure to find people that seem perfect to us. We need a living proof that there are humans in this world that have their shit together. Otherwise we would loose our motivation to keep going. To strive for something better. We simply think: if that one person can achieve that, who am I to say that I haven't got the skills to do so as well. And that is a good thing. Competition keeps us motivated. But always remember to stay true to yourself. Nobody is perfect, everyone struggles with their life at times. You will find yourself. I guess that comes naturally when growing up. Be inspired like me by certain people but go live your own life in the best way possible and try to be an inspiration to others. You are able to inspire the people you are surrounded by on a daily basis or you can inspire globally with your content you share in the world wide web. You just never know who is secretly looking up to you.

Disclaimer: all collages are made with pictures I took from Candices' instagram account:
Candice Swanepoel (@angelcandices)
Go follow her guys!

I do not own any of those pictures, all the copyright goes to their respective owners.

☼ N.

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