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25 October 2017

My 5 favourite places in Tasmania

Australia is my happy place which you probably know by now. So let’s take our discovery tour of this huge country a bit further. I want you to experience Tasmania with me. Tassie is probably the most exciting state of Australia if you are into nature and wildlife which I totally am!!

1.    Cradle Mountain / Lake St. Claire National Park

Omg guys this place is just incredible! I have been to quite a lot nationalparks now but this one is nothing I have ever experienced before in any other national park in Australia. It was freaking cold when we went there that’s for sure. It was raining, snowing and hailing a few times however the sun came out a lot of times as well. You better be prepared for anything that could eventually happen weatherwise. The weather is just unpredictable. Cradle Mountain National Park offers such a wide range of flora and fauna it’s just mind-blowing. There are so many tracks to walk that it’s hard to decide which one to pick but I’m sure that you’ll experience Tasmania’s wilderness either way but watch out for the wombat poop! We actually only had one day to discover the nationalpark but I can easily say that this is my second favourite national park in Australia (nothing beats the Great Barrier Reef ya know). We saw many different animals in their actual habitat including wombats, wallabies, echidnas, iguanas and many many more. I have to admit that one day is definitely not enough to explore the park but at least we got a great impression of what the park has to offer and that won’t be our last visit that’s for sure.

2.    Freycinet National Park

What a hot day at Freycinet National Park, be sure to carry a lot of water with you while exploring the park! We were heading towards Wineglass Bay as this is probably the most famous spot at Freycinet National Park. Walking there was kind of exhausting due to the high temperatures. However there were heaps of cute wallabies that made our way to Wineglass Bay much more pleasant not to mention the amazing view. The wallabies are sadly used to tourists and locals but I believe that especially tourists feed the animals to get nice photos and that is something I can’t tolerate. Although there are signs before entering the park that say ‘don’t feed the animals as they’ll get ill and eventually even die‘, people ignore these facts and keep feeding the animals especially the wallabies. Therefore please always keep in mind not to feed any wild animals and spread the word! After hundreds of stairs we finally arrived at Wineglass Bay. The water was turquoise and the sand was white. We sat down and watched the waves crushing, took deep breathes and smelled the salty air when we suddenly discovered a wallaby looking for something to eat at the beach. A perfect end for a perfect day.

3.    Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge is located in Launceston and is the most peaceful place I have ever seen. There is a ropeway and a swimming pool as well as a few walking tracks. We went there twice to enjoy the view, go for a swim and explore the surroundings a bit but it’s also a great spot to have a nice barbie. I feel like this is kind of a secret place as there were not many people around although the weather was awesome and I believe there aren’t too many of these days in a year in Tassie. You can take amazing photos here and relax if you are exhausted from hiking and exploring the national parks. I highly recommend a visit!!

4.    Mount Wellington 

Mount Wellington is definitely a must see when you are near Hobart. There are again many walking tracks but if your time is limited, you are just lazy and tired or simply not experienced enough, you can easily drive to the top of Mount Wellington and enjoy the view. Remember that this is a tourist hotspot so parking might not be that easy but you’ll find a spot. Due to the height it was very cold but I feel the cold anyway. Make sure to bring your camera as this view is unbelievable, you can easily overlook Hobart. I could have spend hours there. The world looks so tiny and things appear unimportant, you’ll forget everything around you.

5.    Gordon Dam

Guess what, it’s a dam. Boring you think, right? Clearly you haven’t been to the Gordon Dam! I  was actually surprised myself that something so unspectacular can be that fascinating. I mean it’s still a dam there is no doubt but this one is not only giant but also awesome. However this was the first dam I have ever seen as far as I can tell so maybe this is an exaggeration, maybe not. Nevertheless make sure you are not afraid of heights because when you look downwards the lookout, the anxiety gets to you, at least it got to me. But I actually noticed that the older I get the more I become afraid of heights which I never was as a child. Can anyone relate?

I’m still stoked that I had the chance to visit Tassie. Tasmania is often forgotten when people think about Australia and that’s such a shame, it really is. The state has so much to offer it’s insane. Tell me in the comments below if you have ever been there or if you are considering it now and if you have been there, tell me your favourite places for my next adventure down in Tassie.

♥ D

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