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3 October 2017

Island comparison: Sylt vs. Mallorca

I will start with Sylt, as chronologically speaking it is the first island I have visited.

I've been to Sylt a few times. The pictures down below are mostly from 2015. 
Germans call it the queen of the nordic islands. It is the largest island of Germany and the most visited. The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about Sylt is the beautiful and raw nature. I couldn’t believe that an Island that beautiful could possibly belong to Germany.
Maybe that is because I live in the western area of Germany and the nature here isn’t very spectacular. I have visited a lot of places in the past and I have to say that Sylt had a positive impact on my health. The air is very fresh. People call it ‘champagne-like air’.
I hope the pictures can give you an idea of the beauty of this island. It has sandy beaches, little hills where all sorts of nice smelling flowers grow and very green grass.
I visited Sylt a few times and I can recall that when visiting in the spring time the whole island just smelled of honey and lavender. It was amazing. I was mesmerized by the beautiful flora.

Port of List auf Sylt

Dunes (beach of List)

ebb tide
I enjoyed walking through the mud when there was ebb. It has a positive impact on your body. But you have to be careful, don't walk too far away as the water is coming slowly from all sides. You can easily be trapped and the be surrounded by water.
There is only one main street when driving up north and I lived in a town that is located in the north of Sylt, called: ‘List auf Sylt.’
It is a cute port town with a market hall where you can buy lots of things you probably don’t need like decoration. You can also find the headquarter of the company 'Gosch' there. It is a fish restaurant chain. It is quite popular in Germany.
A fact that comes to my mind when thinking about Sylt is that this island is expensive.
The hotels, the food, day-trips, everything is expensive. There are shops like ALDI on Sylt where the prices are luckily as low as on the mainland of Germany but still if you want to take a trip and eat outside you have to dig deep into your purse. But of course if you feel like spending your money in a restaurant you will be rewarded because the food (especially fish) is very delicious.

There are busses you can take on Sylt which aren’t too expensive. If you come by car be prepared to pay a lot for the transition between the mainland and the island. I came by train which was very comfortable. I would recommend coming by train and not with your own car. You will have to pay extra when bringing your own car. Oh, and there is this thing called Kurtaxe which is a tax that tourists have to pay ( I think it was per day) when staying on Sylt.

The people on Sylt aren’t the most open towards strangers.
But I guess that is typical for:
1. Island people in general
2. Germans from the north

But I think you just have to get used to this cold mentality. I guess if you give the locals some time and act nicely they will warm up with you.

Sylt has a main town which is called Westerland. In this town the railway station is located and also most shops like the drugstore, restaurants, night clubs, souvenir shops and supermarkets. There are even fashion high street shops. It offers everything you need to spend a nice shopping day.

What I forgot to mention is: there are a lot of cyclists on this island. The amount of people going by bike competes with the Netherlands I shall say. And I am a fan of that. Going by bike is better for your health and better for the nature.

To summarize, if you want a calm atmosphere (like reaaallly calm, not even a bird chirping at times, only seagulls) atmosphere, to sleep a lot and to breath the freshest air go pay Sylt a visit! (play on words intended)

Without a doubt- this is the favourite island of German tourists.
I have visited this island in March, 2017.
When I was there it was quite obvious that this island specialises in German tourists. Many restaurants had German food and overall all tourist points had staff that could speak German.
I have to say I am no fan of mass tourism. I knew that Mallorca is a typical mass tourism island so I was quite happy that I could stay on this island in the off-season, hoping that there wouldn’t be as many tourists. I was right. Luckily, the beaches weren’t crowded.
Still, when visiting the main city of Mallorca, called Palma de Mallorca, I could only imagine how full of people this city can be in the summer. In the main season. It was crowded when I visited it in early springtime. Palma de Mallorca can offer everything you wish for. It is such a beautiful town with a stunning Spanish architecture. There are more restaurants and shops than you can count.
If I am honest I wouldn’t visit Mallorca in the summertime. Too many people. Not my cup of tea.
I stayed in a low-cost Hotel. And I have to say it was simple but clean. I was very surprised with the food. I know that Spain isn’t the country with the most delicious food but it has high standards. And the food in my hotel was very tasty.
I really fell in love with the colour of the ocean of Mallorca. I haven't been to the Caribbean yet but I imagine the water in the Caribbean to be quite a similar shade of turquoise as the water in Mallorca. As you may see on the pictures it was very clear. And let me tell you even in spring the water was warm.

Beach of Can Picafort, Mallorca

clear water

'Palma de Mallorca' architecture

Mobilitywise you can take the bus to explore Mallorca, the bus tickets are cheap. I didn’t visit the 
discotheques but there were a LOT of them so I guess there is one for every music taste. I’m sure you can have the best party time with your friends on Mallorca. And Spanish people are just very welcoming and always ready to start a conversation with strangers. No problem if you don’t speak Spanish, on Mallorca most of the people do speak English. Of course the staff in the tourism industry speaks a lot of languages.
So, if you are on a rather low budget, you want to party with your friends and just enjoy the beach and hot weather and you are not afraid of people ( a lot of people) Mallorca could be the Island for you!

Have you ever been to one of those islands?

☼ N.

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