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18 October 2017

Autumn Lookbook

Everyone has a favourite season. Mine is definitely summer. I love the warm temperatures, going for a swim and the smell that the sun leaves on my skin. However it’s already autumn and winter is knocking on the door which means it’s getting cooler and warm clothing is required. What’s really odd for me is wearing socks because I’m used to being barefoot. Therefore I really need to adjust myself but there is one thing that I love about autumn: the colours. Typical autumn-like colours are the darker shades of red and green and probably everything between beige and brown. Nevertheless I do think that brighter and lighter colours look amazing as well. In order to give you an impression of what I usually wear in this season I prepared three typical autumn looks which I like to wear. In addition to that I did a make up special regarding autumn.

Here are my five make up favourites which I used to create my autumn make up and my final look.

1. Dark lipstick by Calvin Klein 

I’m a huuuge lipstick fan. Unlike many other people I do prefer the darker colours. I’m not into these light nude shades and I also don’t like lip gloss. Therefore I actually only own dark lipsticks. I love a good dark red or brown. My favourite right now is the colour ‚Heat wave‘ by Calvin Klein, it’s long lasting and has a strong colour. It feels really light on my lips and reminds me of the colourful falling leaves in autumn.

2. Nude eyeshadow palette by Nyx

I guess I’m drawn to brown colours due to my brown eyes and hair but I think that a nude eyeshadow palette is such a basic make up product. My palette is from Nyx and it was actually the first product I got from Nyx, it was a present from my sister. I love the range of colours. You can find bright and darker one’s which are all easy to apply. I usually go with two or three colours for my eye make up. However as there is a total of ten colours I enjoy creating new combinations. I promise you’ll never get bored with this high-quality palette!! 

3. Warm highlighter by Essence

I just recently discovered that I actually own this product. Usually I’d use my contour stick for highlighting but I just ran out of it so I thought why not trying something new ... or well … old! I’m using this bronzy highlighter from Essence for a few days now and it’s actually the first time I’m using a powder for highlighting. I feel like this product will last forever as don’t need much of it and it lasts long as well. Thumbs up for this discovery!

4. Lip balm by Eos

We all know it, lip balm by Eos. It’s probably already old but still gold. I have to admit that I own a few of these and I love it. I’m using them nearly every day and they are long-lasting. Highly recommend it!

5. Orange nail polish by L‘Oréal 

You probably have more nail polishes than you can count but believe me you need an orange one! I honestly so far used this one from L‘Oréal only in summer for my feet but it’s actually the perfect colour for autumn as well. Obviously autumn is too cold to show off your feet but it’s also the perfect colour for the hands. It reminds me of Halloween, pumpkin and leaves. It’s great for this season.

Here are three of my favourite autumn outfits.

My first look is quite sporty as you can tell. I’m a total sneakers girl. Therefore I decided to go with my new silver and white chucks from Converse. I combined them with a dark blue jeans from American Eagle which I’m so in love with, a white cold shoulder shirt with cute details and an oversized leather jacket by Siricco. By the way I’m totally obsessed with the off shoulder and cold shoulder look as well as oversized jackets and coats. Keep that in mind when you take a look at my other outfits.

The second styling is based on a light blue jeans from G-Star Raw and a khaki cold shoulder shirt. In addition to that I’m wearing boots with a medium heel and again a leather jacket which I got from H&M. My bag is from the German label Hüftgold Berlin.

The last look is a combination of the jeans from my first styling, an oversized coat from Jeanswest which I’m deeply in love with, a jumper and boots (both with studs). My bag is from MCM.

Tell me your thoughts and faves for this season in the comments down below. I’d love to be inspired by your looks. If you are interested in the jewellery I’m wearing, I’ll do a jewellery special next week or the week after so stay tuned for that!!

♥ D

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