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9 September 2017

Study tips

I am a university student with a few years of experience. I wanted to share with you a few tips that I have encountered working for me the best when preparing for exams.
In my case, all my exams happen during a short period of time, in like about 3-4 weeks.
So for me it’s essential to prepare for several exams simultaneously.

1. Start early
I know this tip is extremely obvious but in Uni you have to know a lot (also unnecessary information) by heart and it is simply physically (and psychologically) not possible to learn a script with about 400 slides the night before the exam. Maybe if you are a genius that is a way to go but don’t play it harder than it is. Exams in Uni are all about the details.

2. Make your own summaries

I find it very hard to remember everything when just reading the printed version of the information. I am a very visual learner, so to write the information down with my own hands is obligatory. When revising my learning material has to be my own handwriting or else I won’t remember the details so well. I always use different colours when approaching a new topic. Also try to write the information down as much as possible in your own words. But be careful: Some professors are really strict and want a one-to-one copy of their own slides as the correct answer in an exam. Oh, and if you have a mathematical exam don’t just look at the sample solutions, you have to do all of the exercises yourself! Otherwise mathematics (at least for me) is impossible to master.

3. Do all of the past papers you can find
Teachers in Uni usually nearly always use the same scheme in their exams so when you do all of the exams that were put in the past semesters you really get into the topic, learn about the different exercise models your teacher uses and you get an overall idea about how the exam could be like.

4. Don’t make yourself crazy
The exam period is over so fast. When you are in the middle of it you don’t believe for it to ever be ending but trust me, you will survive all of the exams. I always tell myself: students before you have passed this and that exam so why you should fail at it when you have done everything possible in advance to pass it?

5. Feel free to ask for help
This is a point that I have neglected during my studies. I was mostly afraid to ask fellow students or the teachers/professors for help. But the Uni staff gets paid for teaching you. If you have a question on how to solve a certain exercise just visit them in their office hours or write an e-mail. They surely won’t bite you. But you have to be prepared, that means you have to have an exact question.

6. Make nice plans for afterwards
I feel so much more motivated during exam period when I know that afterwards I will get to spoil myself. It is the best feeling when you know that you have given your best and finally deserve something that you have dreamed about a longer time like a vacation, designer item of clothing etc.

Good luck to everyone preparing for their exams! You will rock it.

☼ N.

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