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13 September 2017

Body positivity vs. social media perfection

How many hours do we spend on social media platforms each week? Who knows .. But what I know for sure is the fact that we keep starring at these beautiful human beings who seem just perfect. Then we look into the mirror trying to find something similar to what we have just seen. However the mirror doesn’t give away anything near this perfection but rather all the things we don’t want to have or see.

While I’m writing this I keep laughing at myself as I should know that this social media perfection is just not real. These social media posts are hard work, it’s not just a random snapshot that happens to look gorgeous. This fake perfection is created by a professional team including photographers and make up artists which people in real life just don’t have. I personally don't believe in the ultimate perfection but I do think that people can be the perfect version of themselves.

Therefore please stop comparing yourself to anyone. Be positive about who you are and show some pride because you are unique. Love your freckles, birthmarks, curly hair and please have a positive attitude towards your body. Keep telling yourself that you look flawless because you are truly beautiful from the inside and outside. Try not to be someone else! It’s so important to be strong and stay true to yourself. Even if you’re not the coolest person at school or work there is a time for everyone to shine and although time might not be in your favour right now people are still loving you for being you. There is no person in the world like you, accept yourself, be comfortable and shine bright. Transport the way you feel about yourself to others, selflove is the key to happiness. Thus please stop comparing yourself to any celebrity or even the person next door. Just be yourself and feel good because you look so damn great in your skin. People should show more love to one another. Just one more thing, I honestly do think that you are a beautiful human being!!

 ♥ D.

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