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24 September 2017

About me: Natalie

Hello people of the internet. Very nice of you to have clicked on this blog.
My name is Natalie.
What else should I tell you about me?
I am 23 years young and a university student. I'm living in Germany.
I have followed a lot of influencers in the past, even had a blog of my own in the past, which I didn’t update. When my friend asked if I wanted to create a new lifestyle blog together with her the blogger passion in me sparked once again. Now I am dedicated to write this blog with her help. I think we complement each other very well with our mindset of how an interesting blog should be designed.
I hope you aren’t confused: this blog has two authors.

I enjoy everything that is typical 'girly'. (Is it allowed to say this word in our modern society? OK, I am against gender stereotypes so I have to write this in other words).
I enjoy everything that is related to Make Up, Fashion and the latest lifestyle trends that the globe is talking about.

However I have to say that my main passion is travel.
If travelling was free, well you wouldn’t see me in the same country for more than a week I guess.
I am not afraid of exploring different countries and cultures. If you have a positive mind, you have a positive life.

My only official social media account at this moment is on Instagram:

I hope my posts will inspire you or help you in some way.
Let’s enjoy this journey together.

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