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19 May 2018

Summer on the nails ☼

Hey bamba beauties,

Oh, yes summer’s here in Europe.

Believe me I am so excited for this summer, the cold days seemed to have no end this year.
We have survived it!
Today I want to show you some of the nail polishes that I am currently wearing. Could you please tell me about your favourite summer nail colour this season?

You may have noticed that we weren’t very active on this blog the last couple of weeks.
We want to apologize for that. I guess real life took over us and more importantly on my side I felt a lack of inspiration. I wasn’t sure which topic I should address next as we already have talked about many topics. But of course elaborating new ideas takes up some time and that is why we couldn’t post two times a week as we used to do. Our new motto will be: Quality not quantity (not only materialistically speaking but as well in regards of our posts).
I want to ask you if you have a certain topic that we could address in our next post!

And exciting news: we plan a relaunch of our blog. That is a complete new design for this website. Please stay tuned for that!

So, after these introductory words we can take a look at my nail polish collection!
010 little princess by p2
I mean a light pink on the nails is an all year favourite of mine. I think that the nails just look so much more neat when they are coated with a light coloured nude. Are you with me?

35 engaged by essence
Do you want to wear beach sand on your nails?
Yes, nude is my go-to colour for nail polishes. And this nude in particular has a special effect. It is matt and looks like a sand polish. If you are into matt, sandy effect kind of polishes definitely try that one out. The only thing is that essence nail polishes tend to dry out quickly. At least that is what I have experienced.

91 It's All About That Red by CATRICE
I don’t have to say much about red on the nails am I right? It is a classic. In winter I tend to reach for darker red tones like burgundy. But in summer I want a bright red!

Nail polishes with glitter particles shine so beautifully in sun light. And when do you have the most intense sun light? Of course in summer. Sparkle, sparkle!

I absolutely love this mint colour. It reminds me of tropical oceans and mermaids.
All kinds of blue polishes are so suitable for summer. I definitely prefer light blue shades. 

Swatches of the nail polishes
That’s it. Thank you for visiting our blog!
We appreciate it.

☼ N. 

1 April 2018

Trend 2018: Yellow

Hey bamba fashionistas,

Believe it or not guys but spring still hasn't reached Germany!
Grey is the only colour you are seeing when looking through the window and it is April already. Spring, please hurry up. I mean, the trees still haven't got any buds yet. Luckily one of the colours that instantly brightens the mood in this dull weather is yellow. It gives you energy in a way. It is one of the trend colours in 2018 and I am confident that the summer fashion of this year will live for the motto: Brighter than the sun!  If you don't see any sun in your country, be your own sun and wear something in bright yellow. I think yellow suits every skin type and hair colour.

I've collected a few pictures of fashion items that are available right now. It should just inspire you to wear this colour more often this spring season (and the upcoming summer season). The highstreet shops offer a lot of yellow coloured pieces.

I think yellow looks super cute combined with earthy shades like brown or green.
Moreover yellow and denim is a super casual combination. And yellow combined with gold is just pure glam.

Which colour do you think looks good with yellow?

☼ N.

11 March 2018

Like a rose

Hey there bamba beauties,

Today I am back with a makeup tutorial!
Spring finally reached Germany and there is a certain floral scent in the air.
Flowers stand for spring and the queen of all flowers has to be the rose.
There are so many stories connected to gifting roses. It is a symbol for love.
I love including rose colours in my makeup looks. A pink shade on the eyes and a sheer red colour on the cheeks and you will look youthful and fresh. This time I used my blush as an eyeshadow colour. There are so many makeup products that you can use for many different purposes at one go. For example a lipstick can be an eyeshadow colour, a blush and of course a lipstick. Pink shades can be applied on many points of your face, there are so versatile. But be careful and don’t overuse a rose colour on your face because you may end up looking like you just did a marathon run. This is a very basic makeup. I applied foundation, highlighter and the blush. On the eyes I used my highlighter as a base. Over that I applied the blush and a sparkly pink eyeshadow shade. In the crease I applied a matt brown shade to create more definition. I rounded up my eye look with my statement feline flick. Then I applied a rosewood colour on my lips and I was good to go.

A flower does not 
think of competing
with the flower
next to it.
It just blooms.
quote by Zen Shin

Foundation- Rival de Loop Natural Lift Make-Up in 01 Light Beige
Lipgloss- L.O.V LOVlicious caring volume gloss in no. 170 Tempting Grape
Eyebrow gel- essence make me brow in 02 browny brows
Highlighter- Alverde Naturkosmetik Rose Tinted Highlighter
Blush- H&M Beauty in Pale Pink
Eyeliner- essence 2in1 eyeliner pen in thin/thick
Mascara- p2 Hero Lash mascara in 010 super black
Matt brown eyeshadow- EYLURE cosmetics London Fleur de Force brow powder and brow highlighter
Lipstick- p2 Full shine lipstick in 080 tell me a tale
Eyeshadow palette- essence ...& the lovely little things in 02 ...& the love story with my wardrobe

Do you have a favourite mascara that you can recommend? I am in need of a new one.
I like lenghtening mascaras. Volume isn't as important to me.

Have a nice week!

☼ N.

4 March 2018

Drugstore haul - February 2018

Hey bamba beauties,

Today I'll show you my recent drugstore haul. The main reason I had to visit the drugstore is because my coconut oil was empty. Of course, I didn’t only purchase my beloved coconut oil, as usual. There were a few things that caught my attention and I was in need of a few essentials. At least I was convincing myself that I was in need of them.
BALEA Pflegende Reinigungstücher 3 in 1 / Wet wipes with oil
Firstly I had to buy wet makeup remover wipes. They aren't the best way to take off your makeup. They leave makeup leftovers on your skin and the wiping is rather aggressive to your skin. But generally I use these wipes to refresh my face (when I am wearing zero makeup) or to clean my hands. The scent of this product is very subtle and pleasant. It smells powdery.

Herbal Essences Shampoo kokosmilch / Coconut milk hair shampoo
I haven't treid this product yet as I have many other hair products that are already in use. When they are finished I will try this hair shampoo and if I like it a lot I will tell you guys. I was curious to try it out becuase it has coconut milk in it.

essence 2 in 1 eyeliner pen thin and thick
The applicator isn't very thin (even the thin side) and therefore the lines you will paint with it won't be very natural but bulky. I guess it is okay when you want to do a bold eye-makeup look.

essence shine shine shine wet look lipgloss in 14 pink of bel air
I needed a sheer lipgloss and I can confirm that this gloss is very sheer. You can't really see the colour on your lips. It has no scent to it which is nice. Doesn't last very long.

Balea lip balm in CRAZY COCO 
This lip balm is very nurturing and it has a subtle coconut scent.

I haven't used this brush yet. It is a makeup buffer brush so you can use it to apply foundation on your skin.

dm bio Kokosöl nativ / natural coconut oil
The obligatory coconut oil! I am still a fan of it. Very nurturing.

 Have a nice week!
☼ N.

28 February 2018

Decluttering and organising - capsule wardrobe, project 333, minimalism, konmari

Hey there conquerors!

Welcome to some Dee-time. First of all I'm sorry that I didn't upload anything last week but life has been kinda busy lately. However I'll try to stick to my uploading schedule in the future.

Now I know that the title might sound a bit overwhelming and just a lot but these are a few things I came across the last weeks and I wanted to share them with you. Basically this article will be about decluttering, organising and just being conscious.

I'm not quite sure how I ended up researching these concepts. I guess it all started with decluttering my closet. I'd probably say that I do this at least twice a year. A few weeks ago I felt like my closet needed a little refresh again. So I started throwing stuff out and organising it a bit different. I got rid of a lot of clothing items, either I donated them or kept them for selling. I felt extremely relieved to declutter stuff that didn't had any purpose for me. I would often stand in front of my closet thinking that I don't have anything to wear when my closet was just full of clothing items. Therefore I started watching other people decluttering their closet until I often stumbled upon the term capsule wardrobe and project 333.

So I started looking more into that topic. A capsule wardrobe is basically a minimalist wardrobe where you always have something to wear. And that sounds so great for me. Always knowing what to wear, feeling great and saving a lot of time. The theory behind it is project 333 which basically says that you should have four capsules because you change your wardrobe every 3 months. This wardrobe consists of 33 pieces including shoes and accessories but excluding sentimental pieces of jewellery (that you never take off), underwear, sleep wear, lounge wear, and workout clothing. I totally think that this is achievable but I'm far away from this point. I honestly probably have around 30 hats which is ridiculous but I think it's such a great accessory.

I never actually counted my clothing items but I think that even after clearing out my closet I'm probably still left with 200 to 250 pieces. If I think about it I kinda feel ashamed. I mean who is ever going to wear this amount of clothing. I like to think long-term so my goal for next year is to achieve having only 33 items per season excluding shoes and accessories. Moreover I want to have more basic pieces which I can easier work with and which are good for layering. I'm already working on that and found a few monochromatic and striped pieces. I also rediscovered a few of my own pieces which I haven't worn in a while. I actually thought I was over cardigans but now I'm creating awesome outfits with them and love it. I also found a few cute earrings that I haven't worn in about 10 years but they look amazing and classy. Try to give things another chance before you throw them out! My bags got a major declutter as well. I guess I have halved my collection so that I now have less than 15 bags. By next year I wanna get down to 10.

I hope you can see that I'm trying to minimise myself and this does not only apply to my wardrobe but for my whole life in general. So I started researching more about minimalism and came across the konmari method. It's based on the book 

'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing' by Marie Kondo. It's about freeing yourself from everything that doesn't spark joy. Addmittedly I haven't read the book but I definitely plan on decluttering with the konmari method. I mean what's the point of keeping something that doesn't make you happy?

In order to stop hoarding und just having a more minimalist lifestyle I don't just want to declutter and organise more but also to buy less.

Here are a few things I want to stop buying:
  • shoes
  • bags
  • sports gear
  • jackets
  • underwear
  • socks
  • scarves
  • hats
  • jewellery
  • makeup
  • clothing that doesn't fit properly
  • wallets
Have you come across any of these concepts or do you already have any experiences on that? Please share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

That's it for today conquerors. Lots of love and remember to conquer the world!! 

♥ D

25 February 2018

Youtube channels I recommend

Hey bamba readers,

A lot of my leisure time I spend online on Youtube and over the years I have accumulated a few youtubers that I keep on watching regularly. All of them inspire me in a different way. Some of them give helpful tips, others I watch when I want to feel calm and relaxed and some I watch because of their humorous content.

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle section on Youtube
This channel is run by two girls. I can clearly say that they are my favourite german youtube channel to watch. Their videos are just very esthetically pleasing and they make me feel so relaxed. I love their weekly vlogs. I like their fashion sense and their home decoration is always very subtle but stylish. I feel like we could be friends in real life as we have so much in common. They love to travel and to try different food places. They aren’t crazy with their makeup looks and I can relate to that. I like to watch their videos while eating :)
language: German

Diana zur Löwen
This girl is so cute and intelligent. And she is a total business lady at a very young age. She is so genuine and always cheerful. She inspires me to be more productive. When you look at her and the life standard she has built herself you realize anything is possible with the right amount of ambition.
language: German

This woman is very chic. I can always be sure that her recommendations in terms of makeup or fashion are right up my street and genuine. She is a walking inspiration to put effort into your everyday style. I love her travel vlogs. She likes to do makeup looks featuring nude colours.
language: English

Romee Strijd
She is a model and beautiful from the outside and inside. She has such a happy personality and when you see her smile, you just get happy as well. Her videos are so well edited, it always feels like watching a short movie. She travels a lot because of her profession and you get an insight into the busy life of a model. Her fitness vlogs inspire me to do more sports.
language: English

Sonya Esman / Classisinternal
This girl is a beauty. She has two channels, a Russian and an English one.
I can relate so much to her mindset. Sometimes it seems that she can read my mind. She is very wise for her age. She inspired me to go beyond my fears. She showed me that even if others don’t believe in you, you should do whatever makes you happy. She has introduced me to concepts like law of attraction.
language: English and Russian

This woman is huge on youtube. And I get why she is so successful. She is so cheerful, genuine and radiates that girl next door feeling that anyone can relate to in a way. I’ve listed her second channel because I absolutely love her vlogs.
language: English

Together with her husband she vlogs her life. It is very relaxing to watch their videos. They are from Russia and Ukraine but live together in Spain. It is very interesting to see the life of immigrants in Spain. I love Spain and the Spanish people and I have a connection to Russian people. That is why I am interested in their vlogs.
language: Russian

Alexandria Morgan
She is a New York City based model who is so down to earth. I like her sarcasm. She gives useful tips concerning skin care.
language: English

Liza Koshy
Her puns are legendary. Her sense of humour is similar to mine. She is always full of energy and makes a joke out of anything (in a good way).
language: English

He is part of the anime scene on Youtube. I can relate to his passion towards Anime and all things Japan. He jokes about those hardcore anime fans but in his heart he knows that he is an Otaku himself.
language: German

Useful tips
Mathe by Daniel Jung
This man is legendary. If you struggle with mathematics and you are able to understand german just search for the topic you need to learn for school or Uni on his channel and I am sure this man has uploaded a video about it.
language: German

What is your favourite youtube channel?

☼ N.

18 February 2018

Accessories special: Handbags

Hey bamba fashionistas,

As promised I will show you today my handbag collection.
I’ll admit it, this is not my entire collection. I am a little bit crazy when it comes to handbags. My new motto is quality not quantity and that is why I will try to reduce my collection in the future.

I will show you a handbag for every occasion.

Going out / night out
So, when you go partying with your friends or simply visit a nice restaurant the best handbag you can bring is a tiny one that you can wear over your shoulder. You will notice that I lack black handbags. I am more attracted to light coloured bags. When you go partying make sure to use a bag that has a zipper. Safety first! I love those bags that have a rounder form. They are very on trend this year. I think they are inspired by Chloé bags. The little bag with fringes is my go-to party bag. It is tiny but it fits all my essentials. I even use the fringes to double knot the zipper of the bag so it is (nearly) impossible for anyone to open it within seconds. Smart right? 
Fringe bag: h&m, Round bag in gold colour: I AM, Round bag with gold studs: Deichmann, Dark grey bag: Michael Kors

Office / Uni bag
Sometimes I feel like carrying half of my home to Uni. But a girl’s gotta have her essentials with her all the time. Sometimes I spend the whole day in Uni and therefore I do need a lot of things to survive it the most enjoyable way possible. I guess the same applies to an office bag. You spend a lot of time at work and therefore you need to bring your key essentials. I love tote bags, you can throw everything in there. The only downside to classic tote bags is that they don’t have an upper zipper. The big black bag is really nice when you have to bring your laptop as it is very sturdy. But I do think that an office bag has to look chic from the outside. You want to convey a business-appropriate look.
I've posted a 'What's in my Uni bag' with the pink/ grey tote at the bottom. Just click here.
 Black bag from Even & Odd, Grey bag from H&M, Tote bag in pink/ grey is from New Look

Rucksacks are everywhere right now. There are so many cute designs that are sporty and chic at the same time. I am not a fan of the normal sporty rucksack styles but rucksacks that are in faux-leather style or have nice patterns and classy colours are my cup of tea. And we all know that rucksacks are so much more comfortable to wear. Your shoulders and back will thank you for wearing a rucksack instead of a handbag.
 Rucksack is from PIECES.

Everyday handbags
I guess my favourite colour for bags is beige. A bag that I am using everyday has to have a lot of compartments and zippers. Okay it makes finding stuff inside it a little bit of a game but I want to stay as organized as possible for everyday. The Ralph Lauren bag has a similar style to Prada bags that I like. The quality is great. I got it at sales. And I want to recommend the store TK MAXX to you (once again). When you are on the hunt for a high-quality handbag that doesn’t cost too much visit your local TK MAXX. They have such a wide range of different styles. I always love to browse there.
 Upper beige bag is from Ralph Lauren. The other beige bag is from TK MAXX by an unknown brand.
Are you more into handbags or rucksacks?
☼ N.